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Veeshan’s Peak

Originally posted on October 5, 2010

Veeshan’s Peak

This guide assumes you have already completed the key to Veeshan’s Peak and are familiar with the legendary status of this zone.

Before you zone into Veeshan’s Peak:

The zone-in to Veeshan’s Peak is one way and all gate and teleportation spells do not work in this zone. It is very similar to Plane of Sky in that sense except you don’t have the luxury of just jumping off an island and landing in East Freeport. You will have to pass through several killer dragons to reach the port-out.

Everyone should bind themselves at the wizard spires in Greater Faydark. You do not have to make a corpse prior to zoning into VP as long as you can make it to Greater Faydark from your bind location, if you are not already bound there.

Getting to Veeshan’s Peak:

The easiest way to get to VP is to take a druid port over to Skyrfire and head directly north.

The entrance is inside a huge arch that is easily seen from the distance. Pass by the mobs guarding it with invis and wait for the rest of the guild on the outside right near the big door. The area just outside of it is generally considered safe and it is where the guild will meet up prior to going inside.

Skyfire Map

Upon Entering VP

Be sure to invis yourself before entering and when you do, back up slightly and head left to a rocky outcrop near the lava. Try to remain as close to the lava as you can without burning. This is known as Camp 1. From here, we will either CoH the raid inside or we will pull the see invis mobs there and run the raid over while invis. The first location we generally bring the raid to is the safe cubby known as Camp 2. Once we down Silverwing and Hoshkar, we will run invis or CoH over to Phara Dar’s hallway. It’s L shaped hallway behind a locked door that is directly east of what is marked as “camp 3 pool room” on the map.

Veeshan's Peak Map

No matter where we end up, IT IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE NOT TO MOVE AROUND UNTIL RAID LEADER SAYS IT IS OK. This is especially true in Phara Dar’s hallway where moving just a few degrees can cause Hoshkar or Silverwing to agro the entire raid through the walls.

The Ring of Scale and their Guardians

There are six named dragons that inhabit Veeshan’s Peak and they are on the ‘Ring of Scale’ faction. If you have spent a fair amount of time in Mistmoore or have killed many bards, you may not be KOS to them. This is quite a benefit as the first two dragons, Silverwing and Hoshkar, roam to the very entrance of VP so if you are not KOS to them, then the zone-in is safe.

The trash mobs in VP are on their own faction and there is no way to improve it. However, killing them does not provide any additional faction hits to the Ring of Scale. Most trash does not see invis but there are some mobs that do. These are the mobs we will pull and kill first so that the raid can safely move through invis. Respawn rates can vary by the particular spawn but range anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes.

Raiding in Veeshan’s Peak

The Ring of Scale will unleash the most brutal AE spells we as a guild have ever faced. The main resists we will be focusing on are DR, MR, and FR. It is of the utmost importance to have a full set of resist gear and focus on HP items.

Raiding in VP will primarily consist of clearing roaming dragons and see invis mobs and then moving the raid invis to the various safe camps throughout the zone. If you get agro while moving towards a cubby, let yourself die exactly where you first got agro. Do not run closer towards the raid under any circumstances.

Only the pullers/taggers/corpse-draggers are allowed to leave the camp. No other raiders are allowed to leave the safe camps for any reason unless instructed by raid leaders.

Pulling Dragons:

Silverwing will be the first dragon pulled to Camp 2 (Cubby) to be killed. Hoshkar will be the second dragon pulled to Camp 2. Once both dragons are dead, a bard will be assigned to pull See-invis trash mobs between Camp 2 and Camp 3 (Pool Room) back to the Cubby. Once all See-invis trash mobs have been cleared, everybody will run invised from the Cubby to the Pool Room, where it should be safe for us to regroup.

Once in the Pool Room, a pull team consisting of at least a bard will be pulling the rest of the dragons back to the Pool Room, where we will engage.

The pull team will be announcing which dragon will be pulled next to the Pool Room. All dragons will Summon, Enrage, Flurry, Quadruple Attack, Unmezzable, Uncharmable, Unstunable, Unfearable, and are Immune to fleeing. Below are their specific abilities and resists required:

Silverwing: (Enchanter)
Average Melee Attacks: 1,457 per round
Chaos Breath – AE 1260dmg and Toss Up (100), Resist Check: Magic (-150)
Dragon Dictate – Charm, Resist Check: Magic (-175)
Nukes – Lure of Ice

Hoshkar: (Shaman)
Average Melee Attacks: 1,218 per round
Diseased Cloud – AE 1250dmg, Decrease Attack Speed by 55%, Resist Check: Disease (-150)
Nukes – Sunstrike + Fire Spells

Druushk: (Ranger)
Average Melee Attacks: 1,140 per round
Lightning Breath – AE 1500dmg and Cancel Magic, Resist Check: Magic (0)

Xygoz: (Warrior)
Average Melee Attacks: 1,680 per round
Mesmerizing Breath – AE Silence (3 ticks), Resist Check: Magic (-150)

Nexona: (Warrior)
Average Melee Attacks: 1,239 per round
Stream of Acid – AE 500dmg and 500 per tick (20 ticks), Decrease Movement by 100%, Resist Check: Fire (-150)

Phara Dar: (Cleric)
Average Melee Attacks: 877 per round
Stun Breath – Targeted AE 900 dmg and 12 second Stun, Resist Check: Magic (0)

Leaving VP

The zone out to VP is in Phara Dar’s room. If we are unable to clear to there before the raid ends or if you have to leave early, then the only way out is to get ressed out:

At the end of the raid, everybody will create a corpse at the Nexus Scion in Greater Faydark and wait for resses into VP. After you are ressed into VP, send a /tell to the cleric in Gfay who will be ressing people out of VP.

Make corpses by dueling only in VP (do attack trash because it can train back to camp)
Pop back into GF
Take another death to the Nexus Scion
Get ressed back into VP
Loot gear
Get ressed back into GF

As noted earlier, this could take some time so plan early if you have to leave before we finish.

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