An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Originally posted on September 14, 2011

Raid Target: Telkorenar

Challenege: 6/10
Attendance Required: 3-4 Groups

Mob Info
Class: Warrior
Level: 66
HP: 300k
Max Hit: 480
Slowable: No
Rampage: No
Enrage: Yes
Permarooted: Yes
Belly Caster: Yes
Spawn Time: 7 Days
CH Rotation: 3 Cleric 10sec rotation With Defensive 5 second rotation without(which is still over kill)
Nukes: Fire, Dragonbane
Main Tank: 60 Warrior/Paladin/Shadow Knight

Lava Breath
Spell Type: PBAE (Hide)
Damage: 500DD
Damage Type: Fire (0)
Side Effects: Cancel Magic (9) “Remove Top Buff”

Level: 50+
Resists: 150+ FR Unbuffed

Wizard, Druid: Port to Cobalt Scar -> Sirens Grotto (evac) -> WW -> ToV -> Run/CoH to Outside Telk’s Room.

Run to Telk’s area in West Wing if not kos or wait for CoH. 3 Cleric 10 second rotation on the MT from behind the wall to avoid the AE.

Black Rock Maul of Crushing 3VKP:
Circlet of Suffering 17.5VKP:
Emerald Bastardsword of Purity 1.5VKP:
Lance of Thunder 2.5VKP:
Necklace of Nightstalking 9.75VKP:
Pauldrons of Blight 5VKP:
Transparent Eyepatch 15.25VKP:
True Mithril Breastplate 13.75VKP:

Test of Protection 16VKP:
Test of the Fire Storm 26.25VKP:
Test of the Living Flame 7.75VKP: (Banned)
Test of the Tooth 24VKP: