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Plane of Fear

Originally posted on January 24, 2010

Yesterday’s Fear Break-In reminded a lot of us of why we all loved/hated Plane of Fear. A lot of failed attempts to break the West Wall camp were made resulting in many corpses being unressable and a call for help was made from many of Fump’s friends to rescue our corpses and begin our Fear trip. We made a ton of mistakes but gained a wealth of knowledge of how we can do better in future visits to Fear, including break-in, pulling, and CR’s. I’ll take full responsibility for the long day I put many of you through, but future PoF raids will go much smoother once we work out some kinks, get more comfortable moving around the zone and pulling. It was an interesting day, to say at least.

I uploaded a map of where most of us camped out last night in preparation for today’s raid. We are in the North Wall camp by the firewall. Although there *may* be some roamers and neighboring agro, this spot has the least amount of proximity roamers anywhere in the zone.

If you are late to the raid, you should follow the path outlined on the map with SoW and Invis. Many mobs in the zone will see invis, and you will still be likely die on the way to the camp, if you do get agro, die along the fire wall and a monk will drag you to camp to be ressed in.

Grats to everyone on Fear loot and upgrades, and looking forward to more today!

Plane of Fear Map