An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Originally posted on December 4, 2012

Raid Target: Aaryonar

Challenge: Ridiculous
Attendance Required: As many as we can get – more people than boxers!

Mob Info
Level: 66
HP: 400k
Max Hit: 900ish
Main Tank: War / Pal / SK
Off Tank Pal / Sk / War

Cloud of Disempowerment AE (Dot)
Magic Resist Check (-150)
Range from Target 250
Decrease Mana by 500 per tick
Decrease Hitpoints by 50 per tick
Decrease ATK by 200
Side Effect: Fake Mana drain on Casters hiding behind the wall. Use an Insta (or with time & duck) clickie to get Mana Bar back.

Level: 50+
Wizard, Druid: Port to Cobalt Scar. Run to Sirens Grotto, run or succor through to Western Wastes, run to ToV. Wait for instructions at ToV Zone In.

We need to get safely to the ramp outside of Eashen’s room (we may CoTH here or run). Form groups, buff up.

We need to be fully buffed for Aaryonar before we pull the mobs in the hall way. There are 2. They have a 72min respawn timer. So we need to have everyone ready to go and ready to focus for an hour!

We pull the 2 hall way mobs, and kill them.

We pull Aaryonar which will come with one Guard. The Raid MA and the CH-Line will focus on Aaryonar. The Guard will be off tanked by the designated Off Tank. The Rid DPS will kill the guard quickly (of course waiting to called to do so).

Once the guard is dead the raid dps will focus on Aaryonar.



North Temple of Veeshan Map