An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Raid Strats

Vintage is a retired guild. All of raid strategies are now publicly posted on our website for informational and entertainment purposes only. The strategies we created were developed through trial and error and were designed around the fact that we played on a low population server and many members boxed 2, 3, 4, or 6 (and sometimes more) characters at a time during raids. The strategies and roles of each raider varied depending on the boxes, members and class make-up we had at the time of the raid.

All of our raid strategies were posted on our private raiding forums and required every member of appropriate raiding level to read and sign (R/S) the strategy before they were allowed to join the raid force on the specified event. This R/S rule was enforced so every raiding member would understand the strategy that the guild leadership would be executing at the time of the raid so we would not waste time explaining and answering questions during raids.

All of our raid strategies are unedited originals. We hope you enjoy reading the strategies Vintage used to defeat the raid bosses in progression appropriate levels, gear, spells and abilities on Al’Kabor between 2009-2013.

See our Progression Timeline here.

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