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Vintage Has a Three Warder Day

Vintage is continuing it’s Velious progression with the farmage of the warders of Sleeper’s Tomb. We kicked the Memorial Day weekend off with a guild barbeque consisting of Tukaarak, Nanzata and Hraashna. Yummm!

Grats to everyone on the loot! Ventani, are you lonely baby? We’ll be roasting you soon! Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

Dragon Scaled Mask – Cobilt
Mask of Tinkering – Icecold
Mask of Tinkering – Rhuark
Primal Velium Brawl Stick – Sehsadob
Primal Velium Claidhmore – Harold
Primal Velium War Lance – Harold
Primal Velium War Lance – Sinless
Red Resistance Stone – Aelies
Red Resistance Stone – Brawndo
Red Resistance Stone – Number
Red Resistance Stone – Summa
Sceptre of Destruction – Shuvit
Sceptre of Destruction – Superslice
White Resistance Stone – Summa

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April 2012 Wrapup

Since our last front page update, Vintage has spent many hours across six visits farming armor from Halls of Testing, obtaining multiple breastplates, tunics and decking out many of our new raiding members!

Also on our previous 30 days path of destruction were:

2x Telkorenar
3x Dozekar the Cursed
1x Harla Dar
2x Klandicar
3x Derakor the Vindicator
1x Statue of Rallos Zek
1x Dracoliche
1x Cazic Thule
2x General V`ghera
1x Trakanon
3x Undead Bard (Spawned Trakanon)
1x Final Arbiter
1x Tukaarak the Warder
1x Nanzata the Warder
1x Shawl Crawl

We’ve had days where we simply lined up epic fights and knocked them out, such as killing Trakanon and then returning later in the afternoon to kill the spawned Trakanon for our bards. And another day where we killed General V’ghera for a rogue, traveled to Sebilis for an Undead bard and back to Kithicor for another rogue. We’ve also made trips to Fear to complete a wizard epic, and Plane of Sky for a monk. Congratulations to all of our new epic owners:

Crapin (Rogue)
Ecco (Bard)
Fhileraene (Bard)
Magon (Monk)
Puscifer (Bard)
Rylai (Wizard)
Shakespeare (Rogue)

In the last month, Vintage’s raid force has been helping it’s members with leveling and getting upgrades of Skyshrine Armors, completing epics, and working towards our progression into North Temple of Veeshan. It will take a group of well geared level 60’s to take on some of the toughest encounters we’ve yet to face to date as a guild, and I’m happy to announce, we’re well on our way!

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A Helluva Raiding Week for Vintage!

I’m pretty sure we packed a whole month’s worth of raiding into this last 7 days alone! In the past week, Vintage has killed:

1x Tukaarak the Warder (First Kill!)
1x Nanzata the Warder
3x Derakor the Vindicator
3x Statue of Rallos Zek
2x Zlandicar
1x Klandicar
1x Dozekar the Cursed
1x Telkorenar
1x Lendiniara the Keeper (First Kill!)
1x Cazic Thule (First Kill!)

In yesterday’s raid alone with a high attendance of 8 groups coming and going throughout the day, we earned 3 new ST keys, a rogue epic, and lots of loot between Temple of Veeshan and Kael Drakkel, including 2 Unadorned Breastplates and an Unadorned Leather Tunic!

Many new First Kills as a guild are happening too, as we flex the strength of our raid force on new targets such as Cazic Thule, Sleeper Tomb’s Warders and Lendiniara the Keeper.

Vintage’s First Kill on Lendiniara the Keeper.

Vintage showing the Statue of Rallos Zek what a few new members and new primal weapons feel like.

Watch out Velious, Vintage is on a warpath!

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Cazic Thule, The Faceless Goes Face Down

This past Wednesday night, Vintage rallied to pwn the God of Fear, Cazic Thule, who has evaded us for over a year in Velious. Congratulations on all of our members who were present for this flawless and memorable first kill. I’d like to think it had a lot to do with our strategy of sacrificing a ranger to the God before our attempt to ensure victory!

Cazic Thule

The Loots:

Bile Etched Obsidian Choker – Shuvit
Bile Etched Obsidian Choker – Monkus
Halo of the Enlightened – Wejbot
Eye of Cazic Thule – Rictus

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Vintage Receives a Showering of Primal Weapons!

We love our Shamans for the awesome buffs they provide, but who wants to be the only shaman on a raid casting Avatar with it’s almighty +100 str/dex/agi/attack on every melee?! Not I! But times have changed… as Vintage has keyed a majority of our raid force to enter Sleeper’s Tomb and explored the dungeon front to back, we have found the source of devastating primal weapon upgrades that proc Avatar for all of our melee classes!

In the past two weeks, The Proginator, The Final Arbiter, Nanzata the Warder, and Tukaarak the Warder have all gotten to meet our guild as we danced on their corpses.

Vintage kills Nanzata the Warder

Vintage kills Nanzata the Warder
Vintage kills Nanzata the Warder

One of Kerafyrm's Roaming Guards
One of Kerafyrm’s Roaming Guards

Kerafyrm Asleep
Kerafyrm Asleep on Al’Kabor

Congrats to everyone on our first round of Sleepers Tomb loot:

Dragon Scaled Mask: Dunkirk
Mask of Tinkering: Cerra
Priceless Velium Warsword: Ecco
Primal Velium Battle Axe: Scarboar
Primal Velium Battle Axe: Shuvit
Primal Velium Battlehammer: Monkus
Primal Velium Battlehammer: Redneck
Primal Velium Brawl Stick: Number
Primal Velium Brawl Stick: Pabts
Primal Velium Reinforced Bow: Shlomo
Primal Velium Warsword: Shlomo
Primal Velium Warsword: Summa
Smolder: Ecco
Smolder: Lulzcat
Smolder: Rhuark
Smolder: Shuvit
Staff of the Elder Claws: Wejbot
Staff of Morning Dew: Kapowie

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Server Downtime – Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Al’Kabor (EQ Mac) server will be offline on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. PDT (San Diego time) for server maintenance. The downtime is expected to be 12 hours.


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Vintage Guild Event in Unrest – Success!

On Saturday, March 17th, Vintage hosted our first Guild Event of 2012. With many new members in the ranks of 9-35, we decided to set the event in the Estate of Unrest where we could explore the basement and towers of this classic zone.

We kicked things off with two groups, buffed them and set them out with some nutty tasks to make points! Killing reanimated hands or werebats as a team awarded 1 point each, while killing named targets such as Torklar produced 5 points and Garanel stacked 10 points. There were even side tasks such as finding Serra for 5 points.

Highlights of the day included Voon training the entire zone, Scartoar crying, Zoripos beating the crap out of every named target we could find! Team Zoripos won by the score of 38-30, however lots of awesome loot was awarded to everybody, and nobody left empty handed.

This is the kinda of thing I remembered when I as thinking of re-joining EQ and I’m very glad I’ve found it. – Thornton

That was definitely a blast! Can’t wait to hang out with everyone more. – Zoripos

Lots of member feedback resonated how fun it was to be able to roll through the old hallways of Unrest again, and we are working on planning more guild events of different types soon such as level 1 naked runs across continents, searching for members hidden across Norrath, more dungeon crawls of classic zones, and even some PvP!

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EQ Celebrates 13th Anniversary with GM Event

On Friday, March 16th, in celebration of Everquest’s 13th Anniversary, community manager Zatozia hosted a server event in the Arena off Lake Rathe. There were over 170 in attendance who rallied together to slay foes such as Avatar of War, Tunare, and various dragons, gods and more as the event continued.

Below are some screenshots of Vintage and the Al’Kaborrian armies during the event. Special titles were awarded at the end such as Ranejaa scooping up the fitting title of, “the Vacuum”.

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We Want You! for the Vintage Class of 2012

Greetings Al’Kaborians!

In the massive influx of F2P Players, we’ve dispatched a team of recruitment officers to find new members that are interested in raiding, experiencing, and having a ton of fun in classic content. We’ve had an incredibly positive response, and have decided to roll out a new initiative:

Over the next couple of months, we will be taking our new group of players (What we refer to as the Vintage Class of 2012) through a rush of classic and Kunark content. Yes, we are still raiding and locked at Velious, but we plan on giving new members an opportunity to experience what made EQ great all over again. We also plan on helping the new class grow, train, and gear themselves in a tight social environment.

We can’t thank you enough for the wave of positive comments and good players who have decided to join the Vintage Class of 2012. If you’re new, returning, or just want to experience classic content the way it was meant to be played, please read our charter, progression rules and FAQ’s and then post an application to join on our forums, or just say hello to us!

We look forward to seeing you this Spring!

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Free to Play Attracts Hundreds of New Players!

Since the February 14th announcement of the EQ Mac server not only living on, but becoming free to play with an active SOE account, there has been a “baby boom” of new players to flood the server. Daily /who all checks low levels has returned over a hundred new names experiencing EQ again in all newbie zones such as the Greater Faydark, East Commonlands, Crushbone and Highpass.

Without question, the best time to start a new character to play on Al’Kabor is now. Vintage is planning on hosting a “Meet and Greet” event in the upcoming week to introduce ourselves and meet all the new faces, as well as handing out gear and plat. Stay tuned for the date(s) and time.

We’re so excited that more people have discovered the preserved treasure Al’Kabor exists and SOE has given us the chance to re-live our golden days of EQ as it was a decade ago. Welcome everyone to the server! Welcome home!

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