An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Zone Experience Modifiers

What is a zone experience modifier (ZEM)?

If all things were equal, you would receive an equal amount of XP for killing equivalent mobs in different zones. This is not the case. Some zones give a higher amount of experience than others. Some zones actually give a significantly lower amount of experience. Just to be confusing, this is not the same as the Hot Zone system that is currently in use on the PC side of EverQuest, thought some people on Al’Kabor use that term when they mean ZEM.

Additionally, Al’Kabor has a server wide experience bonus that is based on the number of players grouped. This bonus is 20% for a solo player and reaches 80% for groups of 5 or 6. (This could alternately be viewed as an additional 20% across the board experience bonus, as grouping bonuses exist on PC servers.)

So, what are the ZEMs for the different zones? There are a couple ways that the modifiers have been categorized:

Original Source:


    Befallen 160
    Blackburrow 100
    East Commons 75
    East Freeport 75
    East Karana 75
    Erud’s Crossing
    Everfrost 75
    Feerrott 75
    Gorge of King Xorbb 75
    Gukta 100
    Halas 100
    High Keep 150
    Highpass Hold 80
    Innothule Swamp 75
    Kithikor Woods 75
    Lake Rathe 75
    Lavastorm Mountains 75
    Lower Guk 80
    Misty Thicket 75
    Nagafen’s Lair 80
    Najena 130
    Nektulos 75
    Neriak Commons 100
    Neriak Foreign Quarter 100
    Neriak Third Gate 100
    North Freeport 100
    North Karana 75
    North Qeynos 75
    North Ro 75
    Oasis of Marr 75
    Ocean of Tears
    Ogguk 100
    Permafrost 90
    Qeynos Hills 75
    Rathe Mountains 75
    Rivervale 100
    Runny Eye 100
    Solusek’s Eye 130
    South Karana 75
    South Ro 75
    Splitpaw Lair 90
    Surefall Glade 100
    Upper Guk 150
    West Commonlands 75
    West Freeport 75
    West Karana 75


    Ak’Anon 100
    Butcherblock Mountains 75
    Castle Mistmoore 90
    Crushbone 160
    Dagnor’s Cauldron 75
    Felwithe 100
    Greater Faydark 75
    Kaladim 100
    Kedge Keep 100
    Kelethin 100
    Steamfront Mountains 75
    Lesser Faydark 75
    Ocean of Tears
    Unrest 130


    Erudin 100
    Kerra Isle 90
    Paineel 75
    Toxxulia Forest 75


    Burning Woods 75
    Cabilis 100
    Charasis 85
    Chardok 85
    City of Mist 85
    Dreadlands 75
    Emerald Jungle 75
    Field of Bone 75
    Fironia Vie 75
    Frontier Mountains 75
    Kaesora 110
    Karnor’s Castle 85
    Kurn’s Tower 150
    Lake of Ill Omen 60
    The Mines of Nurga
    Sebilis 85
    Skyfire Mountains 80
    Swamp of No Hope 75
    The Overthere 75
    Timourous Deep
    Temple of Droga
    Trakanon’s Teeth 75
    Veeshan’s Peak
    Warsliks Woods 75


    Cobalt Scar 75
    Crystal Caverns 85
    Dragon Necropolis 85
    Eastern Wastes 75
    Great Divide 75
    Iceclad Ocean 75
    Icewell Keep 85
    Kael Drakkel 85
    Temple of Veeshan
    Siren’s Grotto 85
    Skyshrine 85
    Sleeper’s Tomb 90
    Thurgadin 85
    Tower of Frozen Shadow 85
    Velketor’s Labyrinth 85
    Wakening Lands 75
    Western Wastes 80


    Field of Bone
    Befallen (160 ZEM good for like lvl 4-10)
    10-18 Kurns (160 ZEM)

    Unrest (130 ZEM)
    High Hold Keep goblins (150 ZEM)
    Solsek A goblins (130 ZEM)
    Upper Guk (130 ZEM)

    HHK Goblins (bottom floor raiders give xp to 40)
    Sol A Gnomes (130 ZEM, trashes gnome factions but great loot)
    Kaesora (130 ZEM good loot and lots of pulls but risky)
    Overthere (No Zem, but VERY safe and consistent xp for soloing and duoing, set up by Skyfire zone line)

    HHK Nobles (160 ZEM but trashes faction with Freeport and Bards. Rogues cant do epic)
    Velketor’s labrinth (no ZEM but good loot and easy kills, need full group at lower 40s)
    Kael (no ZEM but good faction if grouped. low 40s will need full group)
    City of Mist (no ZEM and crappy loot but the number of pulls is limitless, perfect for PLing)
    Lower Guk (no ZEM, decent loot, risky pulls and kind of dangerous)
    Cobalt Scar (Kill wyverns for hides)

    Velk’s (Spiders get bad at upper 50s but Kobolds are awesome XP)
    Sebilis (Juggs are best XP in game for this guild period)