An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Intel Client Boxing Workaround

1) in terminal, type

echo poop > ~/Desktop/LAUNCH_EQ_LOL.command

this makes a text file on your desktop

2) then type

chmod +x ~/Desktop/LAUNCH_EQ_LOL.command

this makes the text file executable. quit out of terminal now

3) you should see the file LAUNCH_EQ_LOL.command on your desktop. open it in text edit and replace poop with the script below. save and exit

# Use this script to launch a new Intel EverQuest client

killall Safari
rm -r ~/Library/Preferences/SOEWebInstaller/
open -a Safari
killall Terminal

4) now u gotta make it so that when u double click it it opens with terminal instead of textedit. to do this, right click the file –> open with –> other. this opens up a new window. check the box that says “always open with”. then go find terminal in the list of applications and hit ok (teminal is under applications –> utilities)

all done!

5) recommended optional step – make the safari homepage the eq launcher url. lets be honest you shouldnt be using your mac for anything else anyway

6) double recommended optional step – bind the script to a keyboard hotkey so you can immediately press it after switching to a new space. very sexy