An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Enchanter Part 2: Staff of the Serpent

Quest Items:

* 1st Piece of Staff
* 2nd Piece of Staff
* 3rd Piece of Staff
* 4th Piece of Staff
* Bundle of Staves
* Enchanters Sack
* Jeb’s Seal


Jeb Lumsed is in the form of a sarnak imitator in the Burning Woods at -1200, -4000. He is not always around, and killing the nearby Sarnaks may help him appear.

You: ‘Are you Jeb Lumsed?’
A sarnak imitator: ‘Yes I am. Use your most enlightened magic to seek the truth of what is around you. When that is done, you will know what you seek.

You need to have completed the quest which Stofo Olan has, for a copy of his research notes.

You give the Copy of Notes to Jeb Lumsed.

A sarnak imitator: ‘I see that you have what I was waiting for. Stofo does do excellent work. It seems that you are to start on a long journey. Take this seal and it will guide you on your next step. Seek out the masters of enchantment. In time we will craft the Serpent for you. When you have collected the four parts of the staff, you must combine them in a bundle for me. If you need a sack, just let me know.’
You receive a coin called Jeb’s Seal.

You: ‘I need a sack’
A sarnak imitator: ‘Take this sack and combine the items I requested in it. Then return it to me.
You receive an enchanter’s sack.

You: ‘What serpent?’
A sarnak imitator: ‘The first truly powerful enchanter, Krilan Pedin, crafted the Serpent years ago. He trained his students to carry on the trade in a five-step process. Each student then became a master and chose one of their own students to pass the legacy on to. Four others and I, myself, are current practitioners of the crafting.

You: ‘Who are the four other masters?’
A sarnak imitator: ‘The masters are enchanters who have reached the plateau of understanding. Their names are Modani Qu’Loni, Mizzle Gepple, Nadia Starfeast, and Polzin Mrid. All are master crafters in their own right.

You: ‘Who is modani?’
A sarnak imitator: ‘Modani is a master of illusions. You should seek him out first. Keep a careful eye out for him – he is never in his true form. The last time I spoke to him, he seemed very excited about his voyage to the elven outpost. You may or may not find more clues about his location there.

Modani will give you the Test of Illusions.

You: ‘Who is mizzle?’
A sarnak imitator: ‘Mizzle is a gnome who has mastered the use of enlightened magic. Go to him once you have spoken to Modani. Mizzle is not one to travel, so you should not have to look far from his home to find him.

Mizzle will give you the Test of Enlightenment

You: ‘Who is Nadia?’
A sarnak imitator: ‘The mistress of charm, Nadia is very beautiful. She, too, traveled with her relatives to the new land. I just recently received a letter from her. She says more and more pilgrims and explorers are arriving every day, and that the outpost is well defended now.

Nadia will give you the Test of Charm

You: ‘Who is Polzin?’
A sarnak imitator: ‘Master of the Phantasms – he is the last one you will seek out. Hmm…Polzin is native to Erudin, however, after the incident near Paineel, no one has heard from him. I hope that he is well.

Polzin will give you the Test of Phantasm.

Combine the 4 items in the sack provided to craft “A Bundle of Staves.” Give this to Jeb to receive the Staff of the Serpent.