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Enchanter Part 1: Copy of Notes

Quest Items:

* Empty Ink Vial
* Ink of the Dark
* Mechanical Pen
* Piece of Parchment
* Quill
* Shining Metallic Robes
* White Paper


This Quest is the lead in for the quest for the Enchanter Particle Weapon it starts in Erudin.

You: ‘hail Stofo Olan’
Stofo Olan: ‘Good day, I have discovered something truly wonderful! If I only had the materials required so I can copy my notes and send them to my teacher.’

You: ‘what materials?’
Stofo Olan: ‘The materials I need are a mechanical pen, ink of the dark, and white paper. Bring me those and I will give you a copy of this information.’

You: ‘who is your teacher?’
Stofo Olan: ‘My teacher is Jeb Lumsed. He was last seen in the regions of the newly discovered lands. If you wish to find him that is where you must seek him out.’

You need to get 3 items, and return them to Stofo, who will then give you Copy of Notes which is needed by Jeb Lemused to get to the meat of the Epic Enchanter quest.

The Ink of the Dark

In Qeynos, talk to Reania Jukle

You: ‘what is the ink of the dark?’
Reania Jukle: ‘Ink of the Dark, you say? That isn’t an everyday item, you know. In fact i can’t remember the last time someone requested it. I have given up keeping any here with me. You are going to need to find your own supply now. Sorry.’

You: ‘where can I find the ink of the dark?
Reania Jukle says: ‘The ink is the blood of a dark scribe. Tempt him and give him this vial. He should cooperate.’
You recieve an Empty Ink Vial.

If you charm the Ghoul Scribe in Lower Guk, and hand him the vial, you will recieve the Ink of the Dark.

A Mechanical Pen

In Akanon talk to Rilgor Plegnog

You: ‘What do you know about a mechanical pen?’
Rilgor Plegnog says: ‘Why do you want one of those contraptions. You will spend more time repairing it then you will writing with it. But if you insist on getting one, you are going to have to do a small favor.’
Rilgor Plegnog tugs at your robe and grins evilly. Mighty nice outfit you have there. Sure beats these drab robes us three are wearing. Hmm…my favorite color is purple, in fact a shiny metallic purple would do nicely. How bad did you want that pen?’

You give Rilgor Plegnog Shining Metallic Robes.
Rilgor Plegnog says: ‘Very nice!! It is perfect! Here take this pen. Have fun with it.’
You recieve A Mechanical Pen.

A White Paper

In West Karana, talk to Chrisln Baker

You: ‘hail Chrislin Baker’
Chrislin Baker slowly lifts her head. ‘Have you brought any writing materials for me? The last few supplies I had were stolen.’

You: ‘what writing materials’
Chrislin Baker: ‘A passing illusionist gave me some enchanted writing materials. He said they would help inspire me to capture my mind’s images on paper. If you would just be so kind as to bring me plain old paper and a quill from Qeynos, I can get back to writing.

You turn in the Paper and Quill
Chrislin Baker: gives you a hug. ‘Thank you so much. I did some cleaning after you left and found this behind a barrel. It may have been left behind by the person who took my materials. You can have it.’
You receive a Bandit Sash

Receiving the sash will spawn Thracken Griften, a level 55 very agressive Bandit at around loc 800,-11570. You need to kill him to get the white paper.

Now return to Erudin and turn in all three pieces to Stofo Olan.

Stofo Olan: ‘Yes, that is what I wanted. Here, take these notes. My teacher will be very interested if he is shown what I have found.’

Your faction standing with Truespirit got better.
You gain experience!!

You receive Copy of Notes.