An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

City Factioning Guide


HALAS: The home of the barbarians, to get good faction with these residents you first need to get stacks upon stacks of gnoll fangs, then you need to get wolf formed by a druid, then you need to head over to Lysbith McNaff and turn those fangs into her unstacked. This will raise your faction with all three Halas factions as well as the Steel Warriors (the Human Warrior guild, not the guards). However you will not be able to bank by just turning in gnoll fangs, once you become Non-KOS inside Halas you will want to farm mammoth calf hides and turn them in four at a time to Cappi Mctarnigal (the banker) who is on the rogue faction.

QEYNOS: All you need to do in order to get inside Qeynos is to kill thousands of gnolls, for the dark races you should just stick clear of the Temple of Life and you should be fine, provided you have upped your faction with the corrupt guards via the Message to Rebby/Janem quest.

FREEPORT: Kill many orcs at the Deathfist orc camps spread throughout the Commonlands. To supplement this faction gain you can also turn your belts into either Cain Darkmoore (if your a good character) or to Captain Hazran (if your evil). Also you can do the note to Rebby/Janem quest as well.

OGGOK: This is a tricky one, the best I can suggest is to get your baking skill to about 50 and make pickled frogloks, when you have many stacks of these get wolf formed and head into Oggok, go turn these unstacked along with 10 GP to Chef Dooga.

GROBB: First in order to become non KOS to the guards you must collect many fire beetle eyes, get wolf formed and then go speak to Basher Nanrum in Grobb. *Need suggestions in order to become able to sell to merchants/unknown if the Wolf meat for Wista/Treskar line of quests is available in classic.*

KALADIM/KELETHIN: The way to gathering factions for both of these cities is very similar, the easiest method to slaughter many, many orcs in Crushbone and then go and turn their belts and shoulder pads to Canloe Nusbac *note you will lose craknek warrior (ogre warrior) faction by turning in belts and shoulder pads. Also by killing Crushbone Orcs you lose a miniscule amount of faction per kill with the Indigo Brotherhood (Dark Elf Guards/Warrior Guild.) Also you may kill several Dwarven rogues/renegades throughout BB to gain faction with the dwarves.

FELWITHE: Not sure about this one, but in theory you could get wolf form and hand in hundreds of bone chips to Yeolarn Bronzeleaf in order to become non-KOS in Felwithe, but unless you have a quest dealing with Felwithe you are much better off just getting in good with the Wood Elves.

NERIAK: In order to become Non-KOS to the guards you can opt to kill many Elven slaves inside Crushbone at the penalty of destroying your Elven faction; you may also kill the leatherfoot raiders in the Nektulos forest at the penalty of ruining your Halfling faction. Once you are free to walk inside Neriak head over to Lokar To’Biath in the Neriak Commons Library and hand him many red wines in order to be able to bank in Neriak. *NOTE* It is unknown if you can just get wolfform and head into the commons and just hand in the red wine to Lokar.

RIVERVALE: Relatively easy, just slaughter the goblins throughout the Misty Thicket and Runneye. Also with the warbeads you collect off their cold, dead bodies you can hand them into Sheriff Roglio four at a time in order to gain faction with every faction within Rivervale. There are also several messenger missions within Rivervale you can do to raise faction with the Halflings. You can also turn in bandages to Joogl Honeybugger, you can do this quest even as KOS without sneak or wolf form by handing in the bandages through the window of Honeybugger’s house.

SUREFALL GLADE: Until the Jaggedpine forest is opened you will be SOL here if you start off KOS or if you slaughter the animals of Qeynos Hills. In order to raise faction here, you need to slaughter the gnolls of BlackBurrow, however to raise your faction with the rangers guild, you need to wait until the opening of the JaggedPine forest and then kill the Darkpaw gnolls inside the forest.

AKANON: First in order to become non KOS to the guards you need to slaughter the Minotaur Slavers in the Steamfont Mountains, save those horns they drop and hand them over to Larkan in the Akanon Library. *note* you will take a faction hit with The Dead (DE Necro guild) and the evil gnomes by doing the minotaur horn quest.

ERUDIN/PAINEEL: In order to gain access to these cities you need to slaughter the kobolds in The Warrens, save the teeth they have and if you want to become non KOS with Paineel hand them over to Royal Guard Lilkus. If you want to get faction with Erudin hand the molars into Tiam Khonsir. *note* Doing the kobold molar quest will ruin your faction with the opposing faction.


CABILIS: First in order to become non-KOS to the guards, head over to Warsliks Woods and enter the Iksar outlaw caves, and by slaying them you gain Iksar guard/warrior faction as well as the only way to increase your Iksar Necromancer faction without doing a quest. You could also slay the goblins (which also increases Firiona Vie faction) or the Sarnak scattered throughout Kunark. Once you become Non-KOS to the guards of Cabilis, head over to the field of bone carrying many stacks of bone chips and hand them into Trooper Mozo four at a time, however be careful to stay at the MAXIMUM range away from the other pathing crusaders as they WILL BE KOS to you if you have just been slaughtering goblins/sarnaks/iksar outlaws.

FIRIONA VIE: If you start off KOS to Firiona Vie you should spend your time killing hordes of goblins in Warsliks Woods. If you want to have both Iksar and FV faction DO NOT DO ANY FV QUESTS UNLESS YOU KNOW IT DOESN’T LOWER LEGION OF CABILIS! *note* some of the NPCs by the docks are on the Emerald Warriors (WE Warrior/Guard faction) more than they are on the FV faction.

*TIP* If you are aiming for both Cabilis and FV faction and you have a high level character, you can set up a loop of destruction in Warslicks Woods. You can start at any point, but since I will becoming from the Overthere I will list where I will start. First I will clear out the house with the Iksar Lord (LOC #9 on EQ ATLAS) then I will clear out any goblins/giants/iksar outlaws I see on my way to the goblin fort (LOC #1 on EQ ATLAS) after I have wiped that out, then I will travel to the Giant Fort (LOC # 12 on EQ ATLAS), when I have wiped that out I will go through the Iksar Outlaw tunnels and wipe them out and then travel through the Giant Fort again and then back to the Iksar Lord house, rinse and repeat for best results.

THE OVERTHERE OUTPOST: The only way to improve your faction with Venril Sathir (the outpost faction as well as Karnor Castle faction) you must go into the Skyfire mountains or Veeshan’s Peak and kill any of the mobs inside those zones. If you are non KOS or you can get wolf formed you can slaughter Sarnak Berserkers and loot their War Braids and hand them in four at a time to [url=
]Captain RottGrime[/url].

CHARDOK: To become non KOS with the Sarnak you must first slaughter the goblins throught the Frontier Mountains as well as the goblins inside the Temple of Droga and the Mines of Nurga, any other goblins throughout Kunark will not work as they are a different tribe of Goblin. To supplement this slaughter youa are able to hand in Green goblin skins one at a time and Mount Death Salts two at a time to Herald Telcha.

GENERAL TIPS: If you start KOS to a faction you can get wolf formed which will wipe out your FACTION trouble but not your DIETY trouble. Because Norrathians wear their religions on their sleeves other Norrathians know what god you follow and they base their actions also on that, so some cities will remain KOS even with max faction. Wolf form and sneak coupled with invisibility are often interchangeable. If you can get behind an NPC while invised and then turn on sneak, you will become indifferent as long as you are behind said NPC. Also if you are non KOS with a NPC, but you aren’t able to turn in items for questing, grab a caster buddy and tell him to invis you once you have the trade window opened, this will make you indifferent also.