An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Progression FAQs

What is this “Progression” style all about?

What makes a Progression guild different from other guilds on the server?
A progression guild is composed of members who want to experience the game of Everquest as it was original designed 10 years ago. Several expansions have been released since the original launch introducing many zones, items and quests which make the older expansions obsolete or abandoned. The niche of our guild is to build a community that is dedicated to playing within the scope of the original (pre-expansions) game or as close to it as possible, and open each expansion to ourselves in a progressive manner. We do this by avoiding any items and zones that are from future expansions until they are unlocked.

What happens if you do travel to another zone outside of the era the guild is in?
We play by the mindset of “those zones don’t exist yet, so we can’t go there”, however there is nothing physically stopping any person from traveling to a zone from a future expansion. This is a self imposed rule which members generally choose to follow because they want to re-experience the original content through progression. If you do choose to break this rule, you are really only ruining your own experience of the classic EQ world.

What about zones from future expansions that are in the current continents?
We are excluding the following zones due to the gear and items from these zones are mostly better than the gear that is available in the Old World era that we are in, it would make classic gear irrelevant:

  • Cazic Thule

Which spells are allowed in the Kunark era and which spells aren’t?
Non classic spells can be used under a certain rule set that we have come up with. GROUP SPELLS and COMBO SPELLS can be used IF they do NOT increase the beneficial side of the spell. Any out of era spells that are not included in the list below cannot be used. The list of allowed out of era spells are:

  • Pact Sow
  • Harnishing of Spirit
  • Protection of Diamond
  • Protection of Nature
  • Aegolism

Can items be bought from the Bazaar?
The Bazaar was not introduced until the Luclin expansion so we do not support the use of buying and selling from this zone. We suggest using the alliance and/or trade chat channels and meeting players in a classic zone to complete trade transactions. Most members of the guild will also have items to hand down or trade to you, if not, will be able to help you obtain these items as well. You will find the Al’Kabor community is very kind and generous, and getting items, especially in older expansions, will not be as difficult as it once was years ago.

Why should I join this guild if I am new to EQ?
New players, especially, will like this concept because they will get to fully experience each expansion in the order it was released instead of skipping content because it is all meshed into one game. For example, Kunark’s level cap is 60, whereas the server’s level cap is 65. All of our members are maxing out at 60 to continue raiding at the difficulty level the zones and mobs were originally designed for. You could come back and do the content we are doing now at level 65 and Planes of Power gear, but what’s the point?

How do you cap yourselves at level 60?
There is nothing stopping anybody from getting the extra xp to ding over to 61, however our members are dedicated to the full experience of raiding content at the max level for the era. Level 60 characters will usually either stop xping, eat deaths during raids to lose xp, or turn on AA but do not spend AA points. At the end of the day, we are proud knowing we are able (or not able to) defeat the content we are attempting at the level and difficulty it was designed for.

Am I restricted on the race/class combination I choose for my new character?
No, you can be any race/class combination that is available at character creation. Although we are limiting our scope to the Original EQ world era, we do not have any rules against creating Iksar, Vah Shir’s or Beastlords.

What are your rules about twinking?
Twinking is allowed, like powerleveling, it was done in the original EQ game. Some members will want to experience the game without the assistance of gear and items they are not able to obtain by themselves (most of us have gone this route), and it is a very rewarding feeling. Everyone will have a different perspective about what they want from being a part of a progression guild, some are here to re-live all of the old content, while others are here to only do the raids.

Are Melee Disciplines allowed to be used?
We verified through an archived website that Kunark introduced disciplines for levels 51-60 for the following classes, Monks, Rogues and Warriors. There is also a level 30 and level 40 discipline (Resistant and Fearless) that was not introduced until Velious, so they are not allowed to be used. Hybrids did not receive disciplines at all until Velious. For more details, visit our Allowed Melee Disciplines Page.

What is your rule on gear once future expansions open up?
When our first expansion unlocked, Kunark, we spent time as a guild in some of our old stomping grounds, camping the items and mobs for the gear we wish to use. We did not want to see everybody gearing out in full sets of Donals and Cobalt in the first week, and we gradually introduced items and gear once members of the guild have conquered particular mobs or zones. In Velious, we are only allowing raid gear to be equipped if obtained through our guild raids.

What are the guild’s prime time hours?
Some of our members are on all the time, some make it only for raids and some are in between. We will usually have a few members on every evening from 6pm est to 1am est during the week and sometimes until the wee hours of the morning. Raids will usually be held on weeknights starting at around 7pm and on weekends starting at 1pm EST. Because our guild will not use /anon or /role, you should be able to find any member online at any time by typing in “/who all Vintage”.

Do you have set raiding times?
Wednesday and Saturday are our primary raiding days, while we may not have a raid every Wednesday or Saturday, we would like to schedule these nights as high attendance nights so we can group to xp, quest or raid content when there are enough of us online. If a particular mob or content is scheduled, it will most likely fall on one of our primary raiding nights.

How is loot handled on raids?
We believe in VKP (Vintage Kill Points) as the fairest way to distributing raid loot, and we have made a rule set specifically tailored for the mix of casual to hardcore players on Al’Kabor. We believe our rules provide fairness for mains, as well as boxes, guests, and alts. The VKP website will be maintained by the guild Loot Officer, who also has an overrule authority should any extraordinary circumstances arise. Please visit our VKP rules page for more information: VKP Rules.

What about the vendor items and components from raids (gems, runes, words, etc)?
All research components will be given to the guild researcher of the particular class to be converted into spells for our members. All vendor items and rare gems will be used to fund jewelery for our members as well as cover costs of reagents and coffins for future guild raids.

Do you get xp for killing raid bosses?
Raid xp is very minimal.

Are alts allowed in the guild?
Yes, we believe that the community on Al’Kabor is already small enough that we do not want to exclude our already niche member base to not be able to find each other when we are online as our alts. Alts also play an essential role of being able to play with lower level members or new members of the guild and helping each other xp, complete quests or camp classic named spawns (I’ll get you soon Pyjzn). Alts that wish to be tagged and participate on raids must follow the guild’s progression rules like a full member.

Why is /anon and /role not allowed?
Anon and Roleplay modes hide your online status and location, and in many cases we would like to know where our members are for grouping, raiding and meeting purposes. It’s also a common fact to most of the community that Vintage is a progression guild and will question you if you are seen in a non-classic zone, anonymous or not. We entrust that you are in Vintage because you want to be in a classic-era guild and should not have any desire to traverse through expansions we have not unlocked yet anyways.

How and when will it be determined that the next expansion is unlocked?
Our goals as a guild should be attempted enough times until the majority of the guild feels satisfied with the vintage experiences and nostalgia. The majority of the guild should be geared, experienced, and knowledgeable of the era enough to enter the new expansion and hit the ground running. In short, it will be discussed weeks ahead of time and voted by the members of the guild.