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Velketor’s Labyrinth

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Adjacent Zones

    The Great Divide

Notable NPCs

Bledrek, Jalec Icepaw, Lord Doljornijarnimorinar, Velketor the Sorcerer, Velketor’s Experiment, Jelek Icepaw, Kerdelb, Meljemor, Leljemor, Tpos Icepaw, Venar Icepaw, Rowwek Icepaw, Errkak Icepaw, Marlek Icepaw, Kalik Icepaw, Laryk Icepaw, Ular Icepaw, Crystal Fang, Crystal Eyes, Frenzied Velium Broodling, Frenzied Velium Stalker, The Brood Master, The Brood Mother, Khelkar Icepaw, Gregandek Icepaw

Unique Items

Ball of Velium, Barbed Ringmail, Black Ice Armor, Blood Runed Armor, Blood Runed Short Sword, Book of Dawn, Book of Twilight, Boots of Bladecalling, Bracelet of Frostbite, Cold Steel Boots, Crystal Chitin Armor, Crystal Fiber, Crystalline Silk Belt, Girdle of Wurmslaying, Gloves of Bladecalling, Glowing Red Stone, Icepaw War Claw, Icicle Wristband, Kobold Jester’s Crown, Lute of the Howler, Robe of Melding Aura’s, Silver Sword of Yalrek, Spider Fang Choker, Spider Fur Armor, Spider Fur-Lined Boots, Sword of Blessings, Sword of Pain, Velketor’s Spell Book, Vermilion Robe of Torrefaction


This is the ancient home and laboratory of the exiled Giant sorcerer Velketor. It was designed with an eye towards security, and is very difficult to penetrate deeply inside.


This dungeon consists of one section where you must move vertically over narrow ledges. The dangerous part is that these ledges are often covered in very slippery ice, so you must move carefully or risk falling off. Also, these ledges and overpasses are filled with many pit traps, which you can fall through to the lower levels as well. No forms of levitation work here at all.

Crystalline spiders here turn invisible to attack, and many monsters can also see invisible as well. Most spiders are rogue-types and can backstab.

The dungeon consists of three separate areas, the first being the maze (described above), the second being the Kobold areas, and the third the keep area, which is where Velketor lives. The keep itself is surrounded by hordes of high-level monsters, many of which can see invis, gate, summon, and many other evil things.

All monsters in this zone are blue to a level 60 player.

Velketor is the magician who rules this Labyrinth, and he is very powerful.



Traveling To and From

Velketor’s Labyrinth can be reached via the Great Divide at location -6770, +3130.