An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Kael Drakkal

Location Key

1 Temple of Rallos Zek with Statue of Rallos Zek who drops Breastplate of Eradication, Cloak of Falling Stars, Hammer of Battle, Iron Scroll of War, Reaver, Swiftblade of Zek, and Armorers of Zek
1a Derakor the Vindicator who drops Boots of the Vindicator, Chestplate of Vindication, Living Thunder Earring
2 Protectors of Zek
3 Arena, Avatar of War appears here when Statue of Rallos Zek killed drops Blade of Carnage, Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask, Helmet of Rallos Zek, Ring of Destruction, War Bow of Rallos Zek, Merchant selling tickets and Food
4 Noble Building – Merchants selling Food and Drink and Alcohol, also Wenglawks Kkeak and Noble Helssen
5 Slaggak the Trainer
6 Merchants selling Othmir Hide Armor, Drakkel Weapons, Frozen Flower, and Dwarf Bone Toothpick
7 Commoner Building
8 Ramp Area
9 Commoner Building
10 Bank, Merchant selling Drakkel Forged Armor, Captain Bvellos who drops Glimmering Mithril Torque, Glowing Black Sword, and Staff Sergeant Drizoc
11 Iceshard Keep
12 King Tormax’s Throne Room with King Tormax who drops Axe of the Kromzek Kings, Boots of the Storm, Crown of the Kromzek Kings, The Horn of Hsagra, Ring of Lightning, Velium Encrusted Gauntlets, White Dragon Scale Sash, Wrist Guard of Thunder
13 Bank, Merchant selling Spell Components, Bard Quest NPC
14 Keldor Dek’Torek who drops Orb of Infinite Void, Shaman and Helm Quest NPC’s
Hall between 13 and 14 has all other Kael Armor Quest NPC’s

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Eastern Wastes, Wakening Land

Notable NPCs

Avatar of War, Bjrakor the Cold, Captain Bvellos, Derakor the Vindicator, Gorul Longshanks, Graggaz Fleshflayer, Keldor Dek’Torek, King Tormax, Noble Helsson, Protector of Zek, Reiraj the Battlerager, Semkak Prophet of Vallon, Slaggak the Trainer, Staff Sergeant Drizoc, Statue of Rallos Zek, Vkjor, Wenglawk, Wevek Redforge

Unique Items

Antlered Mask, Axe of Frost, Axe of the Kromzek Kings, Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons, Bear Skins of Rage, Belt of Dwarf Slaying, Belt of Dwarfskulls, Berserker’s Axe, Berserker’s Sword, Black Bear Pelt Cloak, Book of Tactics, Boots of Dark Passage, Boots of the Storm, Boots of the Vindicator, Bracer of Midnight, Bracer of Sacrifice, Breastplate of Eradication, Cerulean Gauntlets, Chestplate of Vindication, Circlet of Cerulean Smoke, Circlet of Talon, Cloak of Falling Stars, Crown of the Kromzek Kings, Defiance, Dire Wolf-hide Cloak, Dragonhide Belt, Drakkel Wolfhide Gloves, Engraved Bone Pauldrons, Engraved Skull Amulet, Flamesong, Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask, Flayed Coldain Skin Leggings, Gauntlets of Iron Tactics, Gladiator’s Chain Armor, Gem of Rage, Giant Scalemail Armor, Giant Warrior Helmet, The Horn of Hsagra, Glimmering Mithril Torque, Glowing Black Sword, Hammer of Battle, Helmet of Rallos Zek, Iceshaper’s Staff, Iron Scroll of War, Kromrif Battle Totem, Lieutenant’s Helmet, Living Thunder Earring, Mask of Malediction, Militia Captain’s Tunic, Noble’s Walking Staff, Reaver, Ring of Destruction, Ring of Lightning, Rune Etched Icewurm Fang, Runed Frost Blade, Sceptre of Mastery, Shimmering Terror Hide Belt, Silver Dragon Tattoo, Silvery Belt of Contention, Steel Wristband of Strategy, Swiftblade of Zek, Sword of Revaij, Thunder Etched Hammer, Thunder Runed Greatsword, Tuuak’s Fishgutter, Tuuak’s Fishing Pole, Vambraces of Avoidance, Velium Encrusted Gauntlets, Velium War Mask, War Bow of Rallos Zek, White Dragon Scale Sash, Wrist Guard of Thunder


This is the home city of the Kromzek, the storm giants. It is also something of a trading post because the frost giants, who are more like nomads, travel to here to make sales.


This zone is generally unsafe even if you have never killed a giant, and you need to be aware that there is a complex faction system within the city. The Kromrif are the majority of the giants that you see, the storm giants. You start out KoS to these guys. The next faction is the Kromzek faction, which most of the vendors and quest givers are. These are also mostly not KoS, but also not willing to sell or give you quests right away. The third group is the King Tormax faction. The members of this faction start out as KoS to absolutely everyone, and are difficult to raise faction with. All of the guards of King Tormax fall under this faction description.

Also, although most of the giants can’t see through invis, there are some that do, so you need to travel safely. None of the giants on the direct route from the Eastern Wastes to the Wakening Land can see invis, so if you stumble across one that does, you’ve lost your way. There is rarely a wandering giant along the safe route who can see through invis, however.

In addition, Summon Corpse only works at the zone boundary at Eastern Wastes here. Attempts to summon from elsewhere will fail.

One should be careful when attempting to drag corpses of other people. If you are dragging the body of anyone, you will be attacked even if you are invisible and even if that person was not KOS to the giants. There are a few areas (such as the Arena) where this might not be true, but overall it is. You are safe dragging your own body, however, unless you yourself are KOS to the giants here.


There are many class-specific armor quests (similar to those in Thurgadin) for those who have built up their faction here.

You are able to be bound at the entrances to both of the adjacent zones.

Traveling To and From

In the Eastern Wastes you can reach the Kael by travelling to -6300, +5000 and travelling inside.

The Wakening Land is located at loc -100, +3150.