An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Icewell Keep

Location Key

1 Grizznot’s Cave with Grizznot who drops Cloak of the Cave Bear
2 Coldain Outcasts selling Coldain Velium Weapons, Armor and Lantern Molds, Jeweler’s Kit and Gems
3 Underwater tunnel with Glucose
4 Dain’s Bedroom with Dain Frostweaver IV (at night)
5 Trophy Room with Grand Huntsman Darral and Royal Armorer Slade
6 Throne with Dain Frostweaver IV, Seneschal Aldikar, and Chamberlain Krystorf (during day)
7 Library with Royal Scribe Kaavin
8 The Pit
9 Councillor Gallery
10 Seneschal Aldikar’s Bedroom with Seneschal Aldikar (at night)
11 Barracks
12 Meeting Hall with Sentry Ellison
13 Hall of Ancestors with Loremaster Solstrin

More Information

Adjacent Zones


Notable NPCs

Glucose, Grizznot

Unique Items

Boots of the Huntsmen, Gown of the Chamberlain, Grizznot’s Claws, Jagged Ice Shard, Royal Velium Frosted Armor, Velium Round Shield


Icewell Keep is the home of Dain, the lord of the Coldain, and is also where justice is dealt, deep within the Pit.


The Pit area below the Keep is a very lethal area, as intended for the punishment and death of the enemies of the Coldain. There are two ways to enter the Pit area, the main one being in the center room in the Dain’s chambers. To enter this way, you need to use levitate, and be aware that some creatures see through invis. The other, far more dangerous way, is to enter through the front bridge chasm in Thurgadin. This is more lethal because you are required to pass through a narrow, long corridor to reach the area under the Keep, and then from there pass through to other zones. The other danger is that there are monsters along the way that see through invis and will aggro you, so you are guaranteed to be attacked passing this way. Also, there is no way back up out of the chasm in Thurgadin, so you need to be able to either get through here or gate out.



Traveling To and From

Icewell Keep can be reached from Thurgadin by reaching loc 220, 30. There is also an entrance that you can get to through the caverns underneath the bridge in Thurgadin that leads directly to the Pit.