An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

The Warrens

Location Key

1 Diseased Room with Muglwump who drops (all with equal chance) Cast Iron Stein, Midnight Sea Mail Coat, Uliorn’s Fishing Pole, Soiled Evoker’s Robe, Etched Chitin Shield. Helm of the Ridossan. and Violet Flame Lantern
2 Kitchen with Foodmaster Rargnar who drops BBQ Erudite Steaks (Common) and Smithy Rrarrgin who drops Large Empty Crate (Uncommon) Yee Auld Ball Peen Hammer (Rare)
3 Batling Caves with Krode the Diviner who drops Krode’s Shawl (Rare)
4 Room with Lorekeeper Roggik who drops Globe of Everburning Flame (Uncommon)
5 Room with Warlord Drrig who drops Blood Crusted Two Handed Sword (Common), secret one-way pit to Batling Caves
6 Prince’s Room with Prince Gragnor who drops Bracer of the Forlorn (Rare), Shield of the Forlorn, (Rare), Cloak of the Forlorn (Rare) and Bamboo Splint Coat (Rare)
7 Training Room with Trainer Daxgrr
8 Hallway with Jailor Mkrarrg who drops Bronze Shackle Keys (Common)
9 Rat Room with Packmaster Dledsh who drops Packmasters Whip (Uncommon) and Filth Covered Boots (Rare)
10 Prison Area
11 Throne Room with High Shaman Drogik who drops Runed Bokken (Common), Globe of Everburning Flame (Uncommon) and Odd Cold Iron Necklace (Uncommon), and King Gragnor who drops Forlorn Naginata (Rare) and Scepter of the Forlorn (Rare) and Crown of the Forlorn (Rare) and Cold Iron Armor (Rare)
12 Room with Huntmaster Furgrl who drops Forlorn Arrow (Common) and Forlorn Bow (Rare)
13 Bat Room with Cave Bat Lord who drops Azzar’s Dreadful Hat (Uncommon)
14 Room with Mighty Bear Paw who drops Bear Paw’s Pelt (Rare)

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Stonebrunt Mountains

Notable NPCs

Cave Bat Lord, Foodmaster Rargnar, High Shaman Drogik, Huntmaster Furgrl, Jailor Mkrarrg, King Gragnor, Kobold Fisherman, Krode the Diviner, Lorekeeper Roggik, Mighty Bear Paw, Muglwump, Packmaster Dledsh, Prince Gragnor, Smithy Rrarrgin, Trainer Daxgrr, Warlord Drrig

Unique Items

Azzar’s Dreadful Hat, Bamboo Splint Armor, Bamboo Tanto Bo, Bamboo Wakizashi Bo, Bathide Wristband, Batling Eye, BBQ Erudite Steaks, Bear Paw’s Pelt, Blood Crusted Two Handed Sword, Bracer of the Forlorn, Cast Iron Stein, Cloak of the Forlorn, Cold Iron Armor, Crown of the Forlorn, Dusty Burlap Armor, Etched Chitin Shield, Filth Covered Boots, Forlorn Arrow, Forlorn Bow, Forlorn Naginata, Globe of Everburning Flame, Helm of the Ridossan, Kobold Shaman’s Pouch, Krode’s Shawl, Large Empty Crate, Midnight Sea Mail Coat, Odd Cold Iron Necklace, Packmasters Whip, Pit Fighter Handwraps, Runed Bokken, Shaman’s Pouch, Shield of the Forlorn, Soft Wicker Armor, Soiled Evoker’s Robe, Uliorn’s Fishing Pole, Violet Flame Lantern, Yee Auld Ball Peen Hammer


The Warrens is a network of caves that the kobolds of Clan Kolbok have have claimed as their own. They are a combination of the kobolds old home, as well as caves that the kobolds have dug out into even more ancient structures that lie below, revealing some of the more strange creatures that inhabit its depths.


The main danger in this zone is the front entrance area. The large number of kobolds near the entrance make for good hunting, but in the worst situations make for some very dangerous trains. Wandering kobolds add onto each battle on a regular basis, so fighting here requires some crowd control or a good group.

In the rest of the dungeon, there are discrete areas to fight. Throughout most of it, however, there are wandering kobolds and other creatures that can add onto the battle. Again, having a group is essential.

Specifically in the zone, the batlings are especially dangerous. Their group is completely composed of wizards and shamans, making any battle with them risky.


The Warrens is a conveniently placed low-level hunting area for all of Odus. Despite being located in the city of the Heretics, Paineel, it is relatively easy to get to even for good characters, and you can bind right outside. Evil Erudites could stay in their home city for the first 20 levels if they so choose.

There is also an even increase in the power of the kobolds as you move deeper into the dungeon. Lower level players generally pull to the entrance area from two directions, and there is never a shortage of kobolds to fight there. As you become more powerful, there are multiple discrete areas to fight throughout the dungeon, with only the occasional wanderer to keep you on your toes.

There is also unique equipment found only in this zone. Soft Wicker armor is equivalent to leather and has a signature look to it. The weapons found in here are also unique, and have a very Japanese look to them.

The other big benefit to the zone is faction-related. Killing kobolds here will raise your standing with both the Heretics and Erudites, which could be very beneficial for those making Odus a home for a while.

Traveling To and From

The entrance to the Warrens is located near the newbie area, located in a small pool-filled room on the way to the Hole entrance. Good characters coming here have only to contend with the skeletons in Toxxulia Forest near the entrance to Paineel and to move briskly past the guards at the Paineel newbie area, which are very unaggressive and generally won’t do anything unless you move very close to them. There is also a necromancer that is relatively high level who sometimes is found in the passageway. He will attack any good characters that pass in front of him, so if you see him you had better be invisible.