An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Paineel Main City

Location Key

1 Darkglow Palace
2 Athenaeum Necromantia – Library
3 Fortunes’ Fancy – Merchant selling Jewelry Metals and Rare Gems
4 Tabernacle of Terror – Cleric Guild
5 Merchants selling Chain Mail Armor and Blunt Weapons
6 Merchants selling Shields and Blunt Weapons
7 False Idols – Merchant with Pottery Supplies, Clay, and Ore, Kiln inside
8 The Final Reckoning – Bank
9 Shackled Spirits – Dancing Skeletons, Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside, Inn upstairs
10 Superior Supplies (Poison Petal on top floor) – Merchants selling Food and other Goods and Alchemy Supplies, Key to the Hole
11 Sinfully Handsome – Merchants selling Cloth and Leather Armor, Loom
12 Good Iva’s Tasty Treats – Merchants selling Food and Cooking Supplies, Oven inside
13 The Abbatoir – Necromancer Guild
14 The Fell Blade – Shadow Knight Guild, Merchants selling Leather Armor and Two-Handed Slashing Weapons
15 Merchant selling Plate Armor, Forge and Erud Forge inside
16 PvP area
17 Observatory
Teleporters are located at A, B, and C and teleport to the spot with the matching letter.
Soulbinder is located in entrance hallway with multiple stairs just inside locked elevator.

Paineel Main City

Location Key

Newbie zone has roaming low-level monsters to hunt.
Note: The door to the hole requires that you lockpick it open at present.

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    The Hole
    Toxxulia Forest
    The Warrens


Paineel is the secret city of the Erudites who did not agree with Erud’s vision, and have fled the council and established a city on the remains of an ancient city of Painell, taking its name for their own.

Traveling To and From

Paineel’s entrance lies in the southern edge of Toxxulia Forest. To get to the main continent of Antonica, one must pass through the city of Erudin, a prospect that is dangerous to many of the inhabitants of Paineel, since they are actively hunted by the citizens of Erud.