An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Warsliks Woods

Location Key

1 Goblin Fort with Pit Fighter Dob
2 Hut with Goblins
3 Hut with outcast Iksar
4 Hut with outcast Iksar
5 Hut with Goblins
6 Hut with Goblins
7 Hut with Goblins
8 Forest Giant Hut
9 Hut with outcast Iksar and Iksar Bandit Lord who drops Bracer of Scavenging
10 “Bandit Lake” – Lake surrounded by outcast Iksar
11 Hut with outcast Iksar
12 Forest Giant Fort
13 Cabilis Outpost Ruins – Merchants selling Patch Hide Armor, Newbie Weapons, Food Items, and Survival Gear
A Tunnels to Dalnir
B Iksar Tunnels that eventually lead to Lake of Ill Omen

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    West Cabilis
    Field of Bone
    Lake of Ill Omen
    The Overthere

Notable NPCs

Elerabeth, Forest Giant Avenger, Grachnist the Destroyer, Pit Fighter Dob, Ssolet Draas, Goblin Trainer, Iksar Knight, Iksar Lord

Unique Items

Bracer of Scavenging, Iksar Scaled Gloves, Piece of Medallion, Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring, Forest Giant Hammer, Forest Loop, Goblin Knee Cracker, Hammer of Flattening, Giant Grub Digger, Leg Chopper, Earring of Grachnist, Scale Wolf Hide Boots, Goblin Sparring Gloves, Froglok Hex Doll, Evergreen Ivy Ringband, Totem of the Warrior Spirits


Warsliks Woods is a massive, rough forest that spreads from Cabilis to the ocean to the north. In between lies the most untamed area near to Cabilis. This area is under the rule of the forest giants, who have made this area their home for generations, and the goblins, who long ago took over the ruins of an ancient trading post overlooking the gorge that runs through the area.


The forest is dangerous because it is very easy to stumble across any of the monsters that inhabit the area, all of which are highly aggressive, every time you crest a hill or run through a few trees. Every monster on the list roams the forest freely, and every monster on the list will attack you as soon as they see you, no questions asked. This is the true danger of Warsliks Woods.

Otherwise, the area is relatively straightforward. Most of the creatures (other than the Skulking Brutes) appear in a fixed area or camp, and can be hunted with relative ease. Probably the largest problem is that the area really isn’t designed for young broodlings. There isn’t a “newbie” area near the entrance of the city where they can hunt weak monsters, instead the difficulty level increases rapidly the further away from the city a young Iksar gets. For this reason, although the levels listed starts at one, my recommendation is that you don’t even try to hunt here until at least 5th to 6th levels, and even then pickings will be slim.


This area has several good areas to hunt monsters in, despite what I’ve said above. First of all, every concentration of monsters has a nearby area that you are able to pull to when hunting them. For the goblins and the forest giants, you can pull them either away from their fort, or you can pull them to one of several relatively clear corners inside the fort itself. The goblins can be pulled to the southeast corner of their fort, which is also safe from patrolling goblins for a group. The Iksar around Bandit Lake can be pulled to the wall.

Otherwise, there’s not much to be said for this area. It isn’t open enough to be a good outdoors hunting area, and really only shines when a good group pulls one of the camps in order to hunt.

Traveling To and From

The city of Cabilis has a small outpost in the southeast corner of Warsliks Woods. In the northeast corner lies a narrow pass that opens up into the Field of Bone to the east. Along the western wall lies the pass to the Overthere a vast plains area rumored to hold the ancient Iksar shipyards and Sebilis itself. And somewhere, its entrance hidden, the Crypt of Dalnir is rumored to lie within the forest…