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Veeshan’s Peak

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Adjacent Zones

    Skyfire Mountains

Notable NPCs

Druushk, Hoshkar, Nexona, Phara Dar, Silverwing, Xygoz

Unique Items

Blued Flower Katana, Child’s Mask, Claw of Phara Dar, Dragon Claw Main Gauche, Dragon Spine Staff, Fatesealer, Frozen Zweihander, Grey Suede Boots, Hammer of the Dragonborn, Katana of Endurance, Lyran’s Mystical Lute, Malevolent Runeblade, Nightfall, Robe of Asphyxiation, Robe of Smothering, Robe of the Azure Sky, Runestone Maul, Sarnak Channeler Staff, Shield of Elders, Shissar Apothic Staff, Shissar Elementalist’s Cane, Shissar Elementalist’s Staff, Shissar Seance Staff, Shroud of Veeshan, Skullcrusher of Kraag, Solist’s Robe of Abrogation, Solist’s Robe of Invocation, Sprinkler of Suffering, Sword of Rile, Sword of the Shissar, Scimitar of Lifestealing, Veldrak’s Shortblade, Verdix’s Shortsword


Veeshan’s Peak is found in Skyfire Mountains, inside of a large gate guarded by elder wyverns. Veeshan’s Peak is the ancient fortress of the Ring of Scale, the mighty rulers of all dragonkind.


Veeshan’s Peak is one of the hardest zones in the Kunark expansion. It has since been superceded by much harder zones in future expansions, but is no joke in itself.

There are two main dangers in this zone. One is that there are several types of monsters that wander the outer regions of the zone. Killing these creatures cause ones to replace them almost immediately, so your best bet is to keep moving further into the zone.

The second danger is that the dragons that roam the zone are incredibly powerful. Given that the only escape is to fight them and make it out the other side alive, you’d better be capable of taking on level 65 dragons that fight the way dragons do in this zone. There are also a couple that are known to wander, so you run the risk of being “jumped” by a second dragon when engaging the first. Good luck to you, and have your clerics ready to camp fast…


This zone is known to have the most powerful weapons and items in the game, as it is the highest level zone in the Kunark expansion.

Traveling To and From

Veeshan’s Peak is located in the heart of the Skyfire Mountains, at approximate /loc of +3400, +3000. There is a high-level quest involving killing a dragon that is required to gain entrance to the Peak.