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Trakanon’s Teeth

Location Key

1 Ruins with Spectral Keepers
2 Ruin with Cockatrices
3 Empty Ruins
4 Mausoleums with Spectral Keepers
5 Mausoleum with Emperor Ganak
6 Camps of Iksar Treasure Hunters
7 Ruins of Sebilis
8 Portal to the Ruins of Old Sebilis

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Emerald Jungle
    Swamp of No Hope

Notable NPCs

Bloodeye, Champion Arlek, Champion Thenrin, Commander Sils, Crusader Zoglic, Doom, Dragontail, Dreadlord Fanrik, Ebon Lotus, Emperor Ganak, Ffroaak, Froglok Forager, Froglok Hunter, The Hangman, Harbinger Dronik, Harbinger Josk, Human Skeleton, Klok Denris, Knight Dragol, Kremmit, Pained Soul, Sigra, Silvermane, Squire Glik, Stonebeak, Throkkok, Thruke, Titail Sinok, Trakanasaurus Rex, Vessel Fryn

Unique Items

Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate, Ghostly Robes, Gleaming Short Sword, Grim Pauldrons, Hangman’s Noose, Iksar Hide Mask, Knobbed War Club, Korzanz Kit’ioukl, Lasnik’s Staff, Meditative Blanket, Piece of Medallion, Ropy Tendril, Sabretooth Amulet, Silken Cat-fur Girdle, Spectral Bow, Trakanasaur Hide Gloves, Trakanasaur Hide Leggings, Trakanasaur Hide Sleeves, Trakanasaur Hide Tunic, Trakasaur’s Tooth


Trakanon’s Teeth is a vast, swampy area in the mountains of the same name. The most notable feature is the vast ruins of the ancient city of the Iksar, Sebilis. The ancient ruins of a massive aqueduct lead from the small lake in the area to near the old city. Now, however, the city and the surrounding area are filled with the tormented dead. Other creatures of the swamp also roam freely in the large areas of the jungle.


This vast space is home to many dangerous, wandering creatures. Many of them are aggressive, and many of them are very difficult to see against the underbrush and the ground while moving through the zone. Frogloks of all types are a frequent sight, and the more dangerous trakaraptors and trakanasaurs also wander freely and are aggressive. When travelling through this area, it is wise to move quickly and know which direction you’re going, for it is possible to go past these monsters quickly and they won’t become aggressive, but if you are slow or stop to look around, you will get jumped. If hunting here, stay close to the wall and be ready for lots of additions to the battle, even with a good puller.

Many of the other monsters, like the spectral keepers, generally keep to fixed places at either the small ruins in the larger jungle or in the Ruins of Sebilis behind the wall. They occasionally move outside of the city but generally stay within it. These are harder to pull by themselves from their surroundings.

The other problem is that the zone is so large. If you are stuck without a way to move quickly, travelling through this zone is arduous and dangerous. It is safest to stick to the walls and avoid everything.


This zone, like a few others across the world, has a large number of rare creatures that can be hunted, making it a good place to find some nice, uncommon items. Having someone who can track is essential for this type of hunting, as the zone is very large.

The area behind the wall near the city of Sebilis is relatively free of roaming creatures. There is occasionally a spectral keeper moving around outside of the city itself, but for the most part you can move freely behind the wall without fear of getting jumped. This is good for setting up camp against the wall, as the pulls are much safer without wandering monsters.

Traveling To and From

The entrance from the Swamp of No Hope is located at the spring that feeds the whole swamp at approximately 1570, -4500 and enters Trakanon’s Teeth at 1570, 4500.

There is a connection to the Emerald Jungle at 3955, 1500 along the northern edge of the zone.

Sebilis can be reached through Trakanon’s Teeth, found at location -2055, -4450. To enter, you need to find a red sphere buried under some ruins, and also have the correct key to activate the portal. The key is obtainable through a quest with Emperor Ganek.