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Timorous Deep

Location Key

1 Ogre Camp with the Great Oowomp who drops Batfang Headband, Bat Skull Earring, Bone Armplates, Bone Legplates, Chipped Bone Bracer, Chipped Bone Collar, Giant Snakespine Belt, Sheer Bone Mask, Turtleshell Helm, and Ugrak Da Raider who drops Dark Rust Boots (Rare) and Dark Rust Bracers (Very Rare)
2 Spiroc Aviary
3 Bandit Camp and Fallen Iksar
4 Bandit Camp
5 Ship Graveyard with Bandits
6 Underwater Ruins
7 Ruins with Xiblin Fizzlebik
8 Chessboard
9 Elven Outpost with Merchants
10 Abandoned Druid Ring
11 Raptor Islands
12 Floating Iceberg with Halara who drops Grey Fur Cape (Common) and Fur Lined Mask (Rare)
13 Combine Teleportation Towers with underwater tunnel to Teleportation Firepots
14 Inn with quest NPCs and Merchant

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Butcherblock Mountains
    Firiona Vie
    Oasis of Marr
    The Overthere

Notable NPCs

Faydedar, Great Oowomp, Halara, Master, Ugrak Da Raider, Xiblin Fizzlebik

Unique Items

Batfang Headband, Bat Skull Earring, Bone Armplates, Bone Legplates, Chipped Bone Bracer, Chipped Bone Collar, Dark Rust Boots, Dark Rust Bracers, Fur Lined Mask, Giant Snakespine Belt, Grey Fur Cape, Sheer Bone Mask, Spear of Warder, Turtleshell Helm


The Timorous Deep is the name of the ocean that lies between Kunark and the other continents of Norrath. The Deep is dotted with islands that stretch across it, and these islands contain a mixture of the modern powers on Norrath, those that have fallen out of their societies, natural predators, and ancient civilizations.


The Deep is separated into many separate islands, some of which are much more dangerous than others. Probably the most dangerous island is the Raptor islands. The raptors that live on these are very powerful (mid-40’s in level) and very aggressive, with huge aggro ranges, and it seems that if you can even see one it will attack you once you step foot on the island. Apparently, their clawed feet are also webbed, and they can swim faster than you as well.

The other aggressive creatures are the powerful golras on the iceberg. These are around mid-20th in level, but occasionally a much more powerful golra named Halara appears here. All the golras are aggressive to everybody. There is also a powerful aggressive ogre that appears in the ogre encampment named the Great Oowomp, who can wreak havoc with any group hunting ogres and unlucky enough to pull him as well.

There is also a dragon that can be found in the southwestern corner of the Deep around the Combine Teleportation Room. This dragon is aggressive and found in the water, and as powerful as Nagafen. This makes him very difficult to kill and almost impossible to avoid. He is rarely around, however, as he is a triggered spawn and is quickly killed by an NPC in the zone if the group that triggered him can’t.

The other creatures in the zone are also aggressive, like the bandits, the undead, and the ogres and elves to those with bad faction with them, and all these creatures will group together. The Spirocs will also group together and fight, and are as powerful as the raptors, although less aggressive.

Timorous Deep is also a place that one can easily get lost in. There are vast stretches of nothing but water, and either knowing how to use the /loc command or sensing headings can make up a lot of potentially lost time.


Timorous Deep has very good hunting for a wide range of people, and most of the places to hunt are relatively untouched by hordes of other players. This means that at most times it’s possible to find a place to hunt in the Deep where you won’t be fighting someone for this. The exception to this is probably the ogre camp, which is pretty busy of late.

The Deep is also one of the areas in the game where many people have never seen. There are some nice sites to see in the zone, and it is very fun to explore. One of the nicest sites is the Inn hidden away in the southermost edge of the Deep, likely the old hideaway for some hermit.

There is, way in the southwestern corner of the zone, an underwater portal room that lies through a small tunnel on the ocean bed in the midst of a Combine Teleportation Ring. There are fire pots in this room that will teleport you one way to many of the cities of Norrath (excepting most human cities).

Traveling To and From

The Timorous Deep lies on a trade route and transport route between Kunark and the other continents. As such, it has many connections. Refer to the Kunark Boat Travel Guide for more information.

There is also a teleportation room that is located within the Timorous Deep, with which you can teleport to several of the major cities within the world. A description of this room can be found at the Timorous Deep Teleportation Room Guide.