An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Skyfire Mountains

Location Key

1 Dragon Fire Temple with Zordakilicus Ragefire
2 Dragon Globe Temple and Winds of the North Point
3 Dragon Graveyard and Tishan’s Relocation Point
4 Dragon Ice Temple

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Burning Wood
    The Overthere
    Veeshan’s Peak

Notable NPCs

Black Scar, Eldrig the Old, Faerie of Dismay, Felia Goldenwing, Guardian of Felia, Jennus Lyklobar, Lava Walker, Shadow Drake, Soul Devourer, Talendar, Wandering Wurm, Wurm Spirit, Zordakilicus Ragefire

Unique Items

Halcyon Broadsword, Shield of the Red Dragon


The Skyfire Mountains are named for the reddish glow that lights the skies at night, created by the lava that flows across this broken land. The dragons have claimed this part of Kunark their domain, and their kind move freely over the dangerous terrain protecting their stronghold, Veeshan’s Peak.


This zone is filled with high-level dragon-like creatures, all of whom are aggressive. Most do not see invisible creatures, but the great dragon Talendor certainly does. Certain monsters have unique abilities as well. The chromodracs are notorious for their area-effect dispel attack. Many of the drakes and most wyverns can summon you as well. Hunting here is also bad for faction with the outdoor dragons in Kunark, especially Gorenaire in the Dreadlands, which can make travel through that zone more dangerous.

Also, the terrain is kind of rough. This barely limits visibility, but travelling quickly can sometimes result in you landing in a lava river or, worse yet, in a lake of lava. This can quickly add up to a lot of damage, especially if you don’t know how to swim.

The Wizard portal is known for being dangerous. It appears right in a very busy area in the zone, and many groups who use it find themselves attacked heavily immediately upon appearing in this area.


This zone has some relatively sparse areas in which to hunt. You can pull freely to most wall areas or zone edges, and you can also do this with relative safety, as the area is relatively open for safer pulling.

Although the loot here is not exceptional, many high-level spells are dropped by creatures in this area, and this is the main reason people hunt here.

Traveling To and From

The Skyfire Mountains can be reached by zoning at approximately 4000, 1500 from Burning Wood, entering at about -5700, 1700 into Skyfire Mountains..

The Overthere can be reached from Skyfire Mountains, at roughly -1140, -3900.

Veeshan’s Peak can be reached through a large, ornate entrance that is heavily guarded by wyverns and their kin. The location is at approximately +3400, +3000.

The Wizard spell Tishan’s Relocation teleports the group to location -3100, 790. This area is more dangerous that the Druid area.

The Druid spell Wind of the North teleports the group to location -3185, 2730. This area is very close to the Burning Woods zone, and is generally safer to teleport to than the Wizard portal.