An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Lake of Ill Omen

Location Key

1 Cabilis Outpost Ruins – Merchants selling Patch Hide Armor, Newbie Weapons, Survival Gear, and Food Items
2 Goblin Hunter Outpost
3 Haunted Ruins
4 Hut with outcast Iksar
5 Empty Hut
6 Goblin Ruins
7 Tower with Explorers
8 Sunken Temple of Veksar
9 Goblin Ruins
10 Sarnak Fortress
11 Goblin-Infested Tower
12 Haunted Ruins
13 “The Windmill” – Tower with Professor Akabao and Merchant who sells Poison Supplies
A Tunnels leading to the Goblin Mines
B Tunnels leading to interior of Sarnak Fortress

Sarnak Forest

Location Key

1 Weaponsmith Ko’Zirr and Imperial Escorts
2 Chancellor Di’Zok’s Hall with Chancellor Di’Zok who drops Jade Chokidai Prod

Goblin Tunnels

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    West Cabilis
    Firiona Vie
    Frontier Mountains
    Warsliks Woods

Notable NPCs

Sarnak Courier, Professor Akabao, Chancellor Di’Zok, Lord Gorelik, Advisor Sh’Orok

Unique Items

Blade of Passage, Bracer of the Hidden, Jade Chokidai Prod, Sarnak Earring of Station, Scaled Wolf Hide Cap, Scaled Wolf Hide Gloves, Totem of the Warrior Spirit, Sarnak Flesh Harvester, Sarnak Ceremonial Dagger, Sarnak Emblazoned Tabard, Goblin Skinner, Kitchata Koro Mis, Mithril Staff, Goblin Gazughi Ring, Harpoon of the Depths, Hand Woven Leggings, Iksar Skull Helm, Iron Bound Tome, Pondfish Spine, Sarnak Great Cleaver


The Lake of Ill Omen is the ancient site of the city of Varnek, which was cursed ages ago and has since sank beneath the waters, giving the local area its name. The reptilian sarnak have moved into the area and have secured an ancient fortress to the southwest. The goblins have established a mine in the hills in north of the lake. The Brood of Kotiz has taken it upon themselves to eradicate the sarnak from the area, and have directed their trainees to do so.


The only true danger in this area is all of the wandering monsters that roam around the area. The worst of these are the goblins which are hard to see at night in the grassy areas, and many powerful goblins can be found wandering through areas inhabited by much less powerful creatures. Also, the sarnak are hard to see, but they are much less frequently found wandering around. The bloodgill goblins in the water are also highly aggressive if you like to swim, and occasionally are seen walking the shores, although they are likely trained there. There are several areas with high concentrations of creatures that warrant mention. The more frequent are the ruins throughout the area, which are typically turned into outposts for either the outcast Iksar or the goblins. Since they are often inside the buildings, care needs to be taken when moving around these areas.

The area that is most dangerous, however, is the area to the southwest, where the sarnak have recaptured an ancient Iksar fortress and turned it into their stronghold in the area. Traveling anywhere near the area means that you will encounter many wandering sarnak, all of which are highly aggressive and strong. There is an area of less danger, and that is the goblin mines to the northwest of the lake. The small entrance belies the vast network of catacombs that exist beneath the mountains, and the goblins numbers are far more than they would seem based on their surface patrols.


This area has a good mix of creatures, and they are typically found in small clusters that you can easily hunt with a small group. That allows for some good areas to hunt if you fit the appropriate level range for the monsters in that area.

This area is also an excellent area for both necromancers and shadow knights to hunt, as there are hordes of skeletons of various types that provide bone chips for them. It is also the area where the beginning quests for both necromancers and shadow knights are primarily based, so they can be found hunting in this area a great deal.

Traveling To and From

The Iksar city of Cabilis lies to the northeast through a long, narrow valley. Just south of the valley entrance lies a small gorge with a stream that feeds the lake. This gorge leads to a small spring that also feeds down to the old elven beachhead of Firiona Vie.

Far to the west, just north of the sarnak fortress lies the narrow pass to the Frontier Mountains.