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Karnor’s Castle

Location Key

1 “Left Corner”
2 “Right Corner”
3 “Moat” where multiple random monsters spawn
4 “Captain Room” where Drolvarg Captain who drops Drolvarg Mantle (Common), Cobalt Gauntlets (Uncommon), Jade Mace (Uncommon), Polyphenomenal Axe (Rare), and Lupine Dagger (Very Rare) spawns
5 “Courtyard 1” or “CY1” with Sentry of Sathir who drops Jarsath Scale Helm (Common), Jaundiced Bone Gauntlets (Rare), Bone Amulet of Blade Turning (Rare), and Swarmcaller (Very Rare), Caller of Sathir who drops Kunzar Cloak (Common), Nature’s Wrath (? Rarity), Cobalt Boots (Rare) and Sionachie’s Partisan (Very Rare), and Skeletal Berserker who drops Jarsath Scale Chestplate (Common), Band of Eternal Flame (? Rarity), Deathbringer’s Rod (Very Rare), and Jaundiced Bone Gauntlets (? Rarity) spawn
6 “Courtyard 2” or “CY2” with same spawns as CY1
7 “Towers” where Skeletal Captain who drops Sarnak-Hide Mask (Common), Tolan’s Darkwood Gauntlets (Uncommon), Soul Binder (Very Rare) and ? Fist of Zek spawns
8 “Warlord Room” where Drolvarg Warlord who drops Supple Scale Armband (Common), Harmonic Dagger (Rare), Noctivagant Blade (Rare), and Donal’s Boots of Mourning (Very Rare), Drolvarg Bodyguard, Pawduster who drops Pipe of Zan Fi, and Wulfwere Bodyguard spawn
9 Rooms where Skeletal Berserker (for drops see CY1 above) and Skeletal Warlord who drops Jarsath Scale Wrist Guards (Common), Deepwater Boots (Rare), Dwarven Sap (Rare), and Tranquil Staff (Very Rare) spawn
10 “Hand Room” where Construct, Construct of Sathir who drops Helm of Rile (Common), Polished Obsidian Great Axe (? Rarity), Blood Ember Gauntlets (Rare), Fang Amulet of Calling (Very Rare), Cursed Hand who drops Donal’s Gauntlets of Mourning (Rare), and Hangnail who drops Elder Spiritist’s Gauntlets (Common) spawn
11 “Jail Cell” where Skeletal Warlord (for drops see area 9 above) and Undead Jailer who drops Jarsath Scale Leggings (Common), Mrylokar’s Boots (Rare), and Baton of Faith (Very Rare) spawn
12 “Box Room”
13 “Prep Room” Multi-levelled room with multiple passages taking off here, colored numbers correspond to what level they take off on, also Venril Sathir Remains spawn
14 Venril Sathir’s Room where Venril Sathir spawns who drops all Class-Specific Leg Armor (i.e.Blood Ember Greaves, Cobalt Greaves, Deepwater Greaves, Donal’s Leggings of Mourning, Elder Spiritist’s Greaves, Jaundiced Bone Greaves, Mrylokar’s Greaves, Singing Steel Greaves, Tolan’s Darkwood Greaves), Ancient Shissar Gauntlets, Diamond Encrusted Staff, Gnarled Staff, Lycanthropic Staff, Shissar Guardian Staff, and Shissar Nullifier Staff
Note that Red #s above correspond to the level of area 13 that the hallway takes off from
Note that letters lead to the corresponding areas on the map above
C leads to area C on the Catacombs map

Karnor’s Castle Catacombs

Location Key

1 Rooms with Skeletal Caretaker who drops Jarsath Vambraces (Common), Mrylokar’s Gift (Uncommon) and Tolan’s Darkwood Boots (Rare), westernmost area is also area of Verix Kylox’s Remains who drops Kylong Medallion
2 Rooms with Undead Jailer who drops Jarsath Scale Leggings (Common), Baton of Faith (Rare) and Mrylokar Boots (Ultra Rare)
3 Area where moat monsters spawn and move west and south to Moat, including Skeletal Scryer who drops Jarsath Scale Gloves (Common), Jarsath Trident (Rare), Deepwater Gauntlets (Rare), and Locustlure (Rare)
4 Rooms with Spectral Turnkey who drops Jarsath Scale Boots (? Rarity), Book of Obulus (Rare) and Mrylokar’s Gauntlets (Ultra Rare)
C leads to the stairs marked C on the Upper Level Map
D leads to well marked D on the Upper Level Map
Note that the letter A’s sections connect to one another
Note that the tunnel leading to the tower section has been truncated

More Information

Adjacent Zones


Notable NPCs

Caller of Sathir, Construct, Construct of Sathir, Cursed Hand, Drolvarg Captain, Drolvarg Pawbuster, Drolvarg Warlord, Hangnail, Human Skeleton, Knight of Sathir, Sentry of Sathir, Skeletal Berzerker, Skeletal Captain, Skeletal Caretaker, Skeletal Jailor, Skeletal Scryer, Skeletal Warlord, Spectral Turnkey, Undead Jailor, Venril Sathir, Venril Sathir Remains, Verix Kyloxs remains, Wulfwere Bodyguard

Unique Items

Ancient Shissar Gauntlets, Band of Eternal Flame, Baton of Faith, Blackjack, Blood Ember Boots, Blood Ember Gauntlets, Blood Ember Greaves, Blood Fork, Bone Amulet of Blade Turning, Book of Obulus, Broken Skull Club, Cobalt Boots, Cobalt Gauntlets, Cobalt Greaves, Diamond Encrusted Staff, Deathbringer’s Rod, Deepwater Boots, Deepwater Gauntlets, Deepwater Greaves, Donal’s Boots of Mourning, Donal’s Gauntlets of Mourning, Donal’s Leggings of Mourning, Drolvarg Mantle, Dwarven Sap, Elder Spiritist’s Gauntlets, Elder Spiritist’s Greaves, Elder Spiritist’s Vambraces, Fang Amulet of Calling, Fist of Zek, Flayed Skin Boots, Flayed Skin Bracers, Flayed Skin Cap, Flayed Skin Leggings, Flayed Skin Sleeves, Flayed Skin Tunic, Gnarled Staff, Harmonic Dagger, Helm of Rile, Howling Harpoon, Jade Mace, Jarsath Scale Boots, Jarsath Scale Chestplate, Jarsath Scale Gauntlets, Jarsath Scale Helm, Jarsath Scale Leggings, Jarsath Scale Sleeves, Jarsath Scale Vambraces, Jarsath Scale Wrist Guards, Jarsath Trident, Jaundiced Bone Boots, Jaundiced Bone Gauntlets, Jaundiced Bone Greaves, Kunzar Cloak, Locustlure, Lupine Dagger, Lycanthropic Staff, Mrylokar’s Boots, Mrylokar’s Gauntlets, Mrylokars Gift, Mrylokar’s Greaves, Natures Wrath, Noctivagant Blade, Oggok Cleaver, Polished Obsidian Great Axe, Polyphenomenal Axe, Ringed Mace of Ykesha, Runed Blade, Sarnak Hide Mask, Sathir’s Wand, Shissar Guardian Staff, Shissar Nullifier Staff, Singing Steel Boots, Singing Steel Gauntlets, Singing Steel Greaves, Sionachie’s Partisan, Soul Binder, Springwood Club, Springwood Stave, Supple Scale Armband, Swarmcaller, Sword Breaker, Tolan Darkwood Boots, Tolan’s Darkwood Gauntlets, Tolan Darkwood Greaves, Tranquil Staff, Waters of Impenetrable Aura


Karnor’s Castle stands bleakly in the center of the Dreadlands. Once one of the major military establishments of the Iksar Empire, it now stands in ruins. The inhabitants within are maintained in their unholy life by the eternal iksar vampire, Venril Sathir.


This dungeon is one of the highest level dungeons in all of Norrath, and as such, is very dangerous for many reasons. First of all, all of the monsters that you meet are at least 45th level, and many are in the 50’s. This means that they have some very powerful abilities, including complete healing, gating, etc. Secondly, it is very difficult to separate spawns when pulling, and most of the time you will need to fight at least two monsters with every pull. This requires either an excellent puller, a very well-balanced and functioning group, or an enchanter for crowd control, and it is recommended to have all three.

The layout of the dungeon is also noticeable. There is only one major exit for the zone, and everyone entering and exiting goes through one common area. It is important to remember this when either entering the zone or fleeing a train to the zone, in order to keep yourself or others from getting killed. Typically you should enter from the right hand (southern) side and flee on the left (northern) side. Be sure, however, to find out the local server rules regarding this, as people can get very upset if you train the wrong way and get a dozen people butchered.

Monsters also seem to have a long aggro range, and will generally attack you from a seemingly large range. They will jump out of the moat to join in, or join in attacks if you start going after monsters a level below or above you.

For evil races, care must be taken if you wish to hunt in this zone. The faction hit that you take is Venril Sathir, which is the same as the faction in the outpost in the Overthere. If you hunt here long enough, you will no longer be welcome in your only outpost on Kunark

Venril Sathir also has made Karnor’s Castle his home. He is considered one of the most powerful creatures in all of Norrath, for he is resistant to most damage spells and procs a massive lifetap spell every time he hits a creature, healing himself in the process. Destroying him takes the coordinated effort of several groups, and there are only a few strategies known to work against him. Proceed at your own risk…


Karnor’s Castle is where many of the class-specific armor from Kunark comes from. Many of the lesser items drop from random monsters, and there are many separate monsters where the more powerful items drop. Many groups are here to acquire this equipment. There are also some incredible weaponry and other equipment here as well.

This zone is also considered to be an outdoor zone in terms of what spells you can cast (like SoW, Wolf Form, Harmony, etc), but you can also cast the Kunark Dungeon Evac Spells, which are generally indoor only. This makes the zone very druid- and ranger-friendly.

Traveling To and From

Karnor’s Castle is reached through the Dreadlands. It’s location is approximately 500, -2250.