An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


East Cabilis

Location Key

1 Temple of Terror – Beastlord, Shaman and Shadow Knight Guild Hall – East Tower leads down to some catacombs to the east of the main city, filled with newbie creatures and very deadly pit traps (if you even survive the initial fall). These eventually lead to underwater tunnel that comes out underneath the eastern boat dock at 600, -400
2 Tink n’ Babble – Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside
3 Merchants selling Alcohol and Brewing Supplies, Brew Barrel nearby, Soulbinder in building just north of this one
4 The Block – Bank
5 Merchant selling Gems of all types, Metals and Jewelry Kit
6 Merchant selling Basic Blacksmithing Molds
7 Merchant selling Cooking Supplies, Pastries and Cook Books, Oven inside
8 Court of Pain – Monk Guild, Merchants selling Monk Supplies, Iksar History Books
9 The Haggle Baron – Merchant selling Bristle Silk Armor
10 The Haggle Baron
11 Merchant selling Food Items
12 Merchant selling Pottery Supplies, Kiln and Pottery Wheel outside
13 Merchants selling Blacksmithing Armor Molds and Sheet Metal, Pottery Molds, Sectional Molds, Forge nearby
14 Merchant selling Ore, Sharpening Stones, Smithy Hammers, and Clay
15 Merchant selling Sewing Patterns and Guides
16 Merchant selling Medium Cloth Armor, Large and Small Sewing Kits, Sewing Patterns
17 Merchant selling Food Items
18 Merchants selling Fishing Supplies and all Fletching Supplies for Bows
19 Merchant selling Bags and Boxes
20 Merchant selling Rhino Hide Armor, Loom outside
21 Merchant selling Wilderness Survival Gear
22 Merchant selling Blunt Weapons, Weapon Molds, Forge nearby
23 Merchants selling Combine Weapons, Weapon Blade Molds, and Weapon Part Molds
24 Merchants selling Weapons and Shields (all sizes), Ore, Skyfire Metal, and Shield Molds, Cabilis Forge
25 Merchant selling Lupine Scale Armor
26 Fortress Talishan – Warrior Guild with various Trainers scattered throughout the compound
27 Merchant selling Cooking and Lore Books

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West Cabilis

Location Key

1 Tower of Death – Necromancer Guild Hall, Merchant selling Necromancer Equipment, Books, and some Gems
2 Merchant selling Ivory Weapons
3 Merchants selling Rhinohide Armor, Fletching Supplies (Arrows), and Alchemy Supplies
4 Merchant selling Food Items and other Goods
5 Merchant selling Medium Cloth Armor, Erudite Sewing Kit and Metal Thread
6 Mortician selling Embalming Supplies and Coffins, Merchant selling high-level Necromancer spells
7 Merchants selling Alchemy Supplies (all), Potions, Crystals, and Dufrenite
8 Merchants selling Necromancer spells – Underneath these merchants is a tunnel leading to a section of catacombs to the east of the city, as well as a maze area. Once in, your only way out is to make your way through the maze.
9 The Gauntlet – PvP area
10 Iksar Hermit

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Adjacent Zones

    Field of Bone
    Swamp of No Hope
    Lake of Ill Omen
    Warsliks Woods


Cabilis, or New Sebilis, as it is often called, is the new heart of the Iksar Empire. The Iksar recaptured the city long ago and have since made it their new home. Their is an ongoing effort to tame the surrounding areas to ensure the safety of the city.

Traveling To and From

Cabilis can be reached from four separate directions. To the northeast lies the Field of Bone. South of that lies the Swamp of No Hope. East Cabilis holds the gates to these regions.

To the northwest lies Warsliks Woods. South of that is the Lake of Ill Omen. The entrances to these areas lie within West Cabilis under jurisdiction of the infamous Tower of Death.