An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Lesser Faydark

Location Key

1 Brownie Compound – Merchants who sell high level Enchanter spells
2 Faerie Village, with Gearheart
3 “Pixie Tower”
4 Bandit Camp
5 Gnome Huts
6 Orc Camp
7 Orc Camp
8 Haunted Shrine
9 Orc Camp with Orc Chief
10 Wood Elf Ranger Outpost selling Food and other goods
11 Orc Camp
12 Wood Elf Temple with Shadowed Men
13 Abandoned Stone Ring, inhabited by the Fae Royal Court
14 Bandit Camp with Bandit Sisters
15 Abandoned Camp of the Legendary Wu, now inhabited by Tier’Dal

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Greater Faydark
    Steamfont Mountains
    Castle Mistmoore

Notable NPCs

Brownie Outcasts, Whimsey Larktwitter, Mina Glimmerwing, Equestrielle, Equestrielle the Corrupted, Crookstinger, Bracken Underbrush, Bandit Sisters, Thistle Underbrush, Orc Chief, Old Dimshimmer, Tier’Dal Prophet, Tier’Dal Princess, Ghoul Boss, Shadowed Man Leader, Pained Unicorn

Unique Items

Braided Ivy Cords, Larktwitter Arrow, Larktwitter Bow, Crookstinger, Glimmer Ring, Orc Impaler, Twice Woven Cloak


Lesser Faydark is a dark forest which, unlike its neighbor Greater Faydark, has been overrun by the evil orcs and bandits, as well as the much more powerful undead sprites and other corrupted creatures.. There are also small camps of Pixies, Faeries, and Brownies, as well as the mighty Fae Drakes, all of whom make this zone their home.


This is a mid-level zone, where you should really be in the mid-teens or higher to plan on surviving for very long. Although there are areas in the zone where you can hunt at much lower levels, the danger is that there are many wandering dangerous creatures in the zone now.

Most of the other monsters in this zone reside in camps. These monsters tend to not wander very much outside of their little camps. The only exception to this is the Brownie Scouts that wander the middle of the zone. They are very aggressive and almost as powerful as the Brownies in the town. Also, most of the other monsters that wander can begin to dislike you as you kill more of their kin. These include the Fae Drakes and the Pixies and Faeries, who are all frequently seen travelling through the zone, but are generally neutral to their neighbors. Equestrielle the Corrupted is occasionally seen in the zone, wandering around to the entire zone. She is also highly aggressive to all, and the bards will not assist you in fighting her.

One of the largest dangers in the zone, however, are the Brownies that live in the town to the north. These creatures of the forest are very aggressive, and are KOS to just about everyone (the only people I’ve seen spared are druids in Wolf Form). They are all at least 45th level and are Druids, so are capable of taking down even a very well trained group quickly. Accidentally walk near their town and you better know an invisibility spell for recovering your corpse… Unless, of course, you can take on wolf form, in which case they’ll gladly sell to you…

There is another danger that recently surfaced, that of the Tier’Dal that currently inhabit the abandoned camp of Wu along the southern border of the camp. These Tier’Dal are aggressive and powerful, and the trains caused by someone inadvertantly stumbling across them can wreak havoc across the forest.


If you are able to get over living in constant darkness and are powerful enough to fight off the undead sprites, this area provides good hunting for mid-level characters. The camps are usually not camped (well, the bandit camps are), and you can travel around making money off of the orcs that fill the southern half of the region. If you are brave, you can start making enemies of the other races in the area and make money off of them as well. They are all well equipped with loot and provide good money to an adventurer.

There are other, more subtle, benefits to this zone. People who want to rip our their hair in Greater Faydark with the constant chatter will find it remarkable absent in this zone. There is also a small enclave of very high level wood elves living in a small hut in the middle of the zone, who you can sell to for good prices as well as buy food from.

Traveling To and From

To the north, in the northeastern corner, lies the pass that connects the great forest of Lesser Faydark and Greater Faydark. Just south of that on the eastern wall lies the pass that leads into the Steamfont Mountains, home of the gnomes.

In the southwestern corner lies the narrow pass that separates the rest of the world from Castle Mistmoore, rumored to be home to an ancient dark elf vampire. Many who pass through here never return…