An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


North Kaladim

Location Key

1 Merchant selling Gems
2 Merchant selling Brellium, Ore, Smithy Hammers, Sharpening Stones
3 Cleric Guild – Merchants selling Blunt Weapons, Food and Goods Merchant outside
4 Watsbone Treasure and Assay Office – Bank, Merchants who sell Throwing Weapons, Mining Supplies, Rogue Guild Members outside
5 Pottery Wheel and Kiln
6 Empty Hut
7 Empty Hut
8 Everhot Forge – Merchants selling Blunt and Sharp Weapons, Small Chain and Plate Armor, Small Plate and Shield Molds, Weapon Molds, Jewelry Metal and Rare Gems, Forge Outside
9 Greybloom Farms – Merchants selling Grapes, Brew Barrel inside, Oven outside
10 Paladin Guild
Note that there is a Merchant who sells Ore located at approximately 750, 200 on the above map.

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South Kaladim

Location Key

1 Tanned Assets – Merchant selling Small Leather Armor
2 Irontoe’s Eats – home of Tumpy Irontoe, Merchants selling Alcohol and Meat Pies
3 Staff and Spear – Merchants selling Swords and Fletching Supplies, Soulbinder in tunnel north of here
4 Redfist’s Metal – Merchants selling Small Shields and Weapons of all types, Forge and Stormguard Forge outside
5 The Arena (not PvP)
6 Pub Kal – Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel, Bard outside
7 Warrior’s Guild with Merchants selling Various Weapons
8 Priest of Discord
9 Merchant selling Potions and Crystals
10 Merchant selling Bags, Pottery Wheel and Kiln outside
11 Gurtha’s Ware with Merchants selling Small Boots, Small Cloth Armor, Pottery Supplies, Oven outside
12 Castle – home of the King

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Adjacent Zones

    Butcherblock Mountains


Kaladim is the underground city of the Dwarves of Norrath. A huge carved statue of a dwarf marks the entrance of their city onto the rugged Butcherblock Mountains.

Traveling To and From

Kaladim’s entrance is along the northern border of the Butcherblock Mountains. To the west of this entrance lies the port where the dock from the continent of Antonica arrives, taking travellers to and from Freeport. Far in the other direction, through the mountain passes, lies the entrance to the forest of the elves, Greater Faydark. To the south lies the narrow pass to Dagnor’s Cauldron.