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Castle Mistmoore

Location Key

1 “Graveyard” where Imp Familiar spawns, who drops Sacrificial Dagger (Common) and Bloodstone Eyepatch (Rare), and Glyphed Ghoul, who drops Vial of Vampire Blood (Common) and Crested Mistmoore Shield (Rare)
2 Tomb with Coffin, out back is Ssynthi, an outcast Shadowed Man, drops Robe of the Keeper, Secret Entrance leading one way to the Jail
3 “The Pit”
4 “The Canyon” where Enynti spawns, drops Rune of Fortune and Black Dire
5 “Jail” where Deathly Usher spawns, who drops Black Silk Gloves, secret door has trap that strips off invisibility spells, Stairs is where Avenging Caitiff spawns who drops Crested Spaulders (Common) and Crested Helmet (Rare), also Cleric Quest Item spawns here
6 “Courtyard” where Hemo Enologists spawn, drop Blood Spirits
7 Fountain where Cloaked Dhampyre spawns, drops Blood of the Dhampyre (Common) and Hooded Black Cloak (Rare)
8 Entry Hall
9 “Piano”
10 “Ballroom” where gypsies and Mynthi Davissi spawn, drops Lute of the Gypsy Princess (Common) and Mistmoore Battle Drums (Rare)
11 “Ambassador Room” where Negotiator and Gypsy Ambassador spawn
12 “The Corner”
13 “The Tower” where Garton Viswin spawns, drops Glowing Iron Pike (Common) and Chestplate of the Dark Flame (Rare)
14 Torture Chamber
15 Mayong Mistmoore’s Coffin Room
16 Kitchen
17 Servant Room where Maid Issis spawns, drops Nightshade Wreath (Common) and Maid Fang (Rare)
18 Servant Room where Butler Syncall spawns, drops Cape of Midnight Mist (Common) and Butler Fang (Rare)
19 Library, in room to south spawns Advisor who drops Advisor Robe
20 Throne Room where Princess Cherista spawns
21 “The Bath” where Lasna Cheroon spawns, who drops Diamondine Earring (Common) and Platinum Skullring (Rare), and Xicotl, who drops Hilt of Soulfire
22 Bedroom

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Lesser Faydark

Notable NPCs

Advisor, Avenging Caitiff, Black Dire, Butler Syncall, Cloaked Dhampyre, Deathly Usher, Enynti, Garton Viswin, Glyphed Ghoul, Imp Familiar, Lasna Cheroon, Maid Issis, Mayong Mistmoore, Mynthi Davissi, Princess Cherista, Ssynthi, Xicotl

Unique Items

Advisor’s Robe, Black Silk Gloves, Blood of the Dhampyre, Blood Spirits, Bloodstone Eyepatch, Butler Fang, Cape of Midnight Mist, Chestplate of the Dark Flame, Crested Helmet, Crested Mistmoore Shield, Crested Spaulders, Diamondine Earring, Gem-Encrusted Sceptre, Glowing Iron Pike, Heartstone Amulet (?), Hilt of Soulfire, Hooded Black Cloak, Lute of the Gypsy Princess, Maid Fang, Mistmoore Battle Drum, Mistmoore Granite, Nightshade Wreath, Platinum Skullring, Robe of the Keeper, Rune of Fortune, Sacrificial Dagger, Vial of Vampire Blood


Castle Mistmoore is the stronghold of the ancient dark elf vampire, Mayong Mistmoore, and his throngs of followers. The castle itself has vast, mazelike corridors and secret areas, hidden away from prying eyes.


Castle Mistmoore is filled from one end to the other with dark elves in thrall of their lord and undead raised and controlled by him. Since Mayong Mistmoore considers all to be his enemies, everyone who enters here will be attacked viciously and relentlessly by his followers. Dark elves and other creatures roam the castle during the day, and at night the undead rise to roam the castle, replacing many of the daytime creatures. Invisibility works on the daytime monsters, and invisibility vs. undead only on the undead creatures.

This area is lethal for someone trying to solo, it simply is not possible. The monsters here are so tough and spawn so quickly and close together, that trying to pull one monster that you could gain experience from will eventually result in your death. As such, everyone must hunt in groups for safety in numbers.

The worst danger in this zone is the trains. The biggest reason for this is that most of the trains come from areas farther in, like the castle itself, and on the way out every creature along the way will join in. All of these trains pass directly through the middle of the outer area between the tower and the lake on their way to the narrow corridor to the zone edge. The only ways to avoid these trains are to be either behind the lake or the tower, or to zone. Also, the zone shuts down after a large train since it is also lethal to pull from the line of returning monsters as they walk slowly back to the castle. The pathing is such that they run around a little, gathering friends before coming after you, invariably pulling in friends. I have never entered Castle Mistmoore with fewer than five bodies littering the entry hallway. These monsters will also hang around the entrance for some time before walking back, so it’s safer at all times, if possible, to zone in invisible, because you never know who you’ll meet on the other side.


Although dangerous, this zone is arguably some of the best experience for any zone in the game, assuming you don’t die frequently within. The spawn rates are fast and creatures of similar strength tend to spawn very near each other, so a group can pull a small area with good results without encountering more than they can handle. Loot is also good, as the dark elves often drop platinum, runes and words, and the gargoyles drop gargoyle eyes which are worth at least several platinum each.

The other benefit of this zone is that nobody who hunts in the front need die. This may be a bold statement, but if a group is smart, everyone has Spirit of the Wolf on when hunting here, and whenever there is even a question that you may have more than you can handle, whether from a bad pull or some train, every person should simply zone. The zone edge is very near and, if nobody tries to be a hero, nobody should die. Accidents will happen, and deep castle trains can have monsters capable of dealing out 500 or more hit points of damage with one spell, but overall it is a safe place to hunt.

Traveling To and From

Castle Mistmoore is reached by travelling through Lesser Faydark to the western edge of its southern border. An ancient druid ring stands at the entrance leading into the zone. Most of Lesser Faydark can be travelled safely by those who are powerful enough to fight in Mistmoore, but care must be taken to avoid the Brownie camp to the north and the Shadowed Men camp to the east. Dark elves that are quite powerful have taken up residence in an abandoned camp along the southern edge now as well, so do not run along the southern edge as a way of finding the tunnel to the Castle.