An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


North Qeynos

Location Key

1 Order of the Silent Fist – Monk Guild, Merchant who sells Monk Weapons, Bags, and Bandages
2 Kliknik Tunnel – leads to Qeynos Underground
3 Reflecting Pond – tunnel leads to Qeynos Underground
4 Crow’s Pub & Casino – Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel, secret tunnel to Rogues’ Guild
5 Galliway’s Trading Post – Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Priest of Discord outside
6 Ironforge’s – Merchants selling Sharp Weapons, Medicine Bags, and Weapon Molds, Forge out back
7 Jewelbox – Merchants selling Jewelry supplies (Metals and Gems)
8 Ironforges’ Estate
9 Merchants selling Medium Cloth Armor and Medium Chainmail Molds
10 The Cobbler – Merchant selling Boots of all types
11 Merchants selling Blunt Weapons and Cleric/Paladin spells
12 Teleport leading to Temple of Life, Cleric and Paladin Trainers throughout area

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South Qeynos

Location Key

1 Tin Soldier – Forge outside, Merchants selling Medium Chain Armor and Full Plate Molds
2 The Wind Spirit’s Song – Bard Guild Hall, Merchants selling Bard songs and various Weapons
3 Fharn’s Leather & Thread – Merchant selling Medium Leather Armor and Small Sewing Kit and Patterns
4 Bag n Barrel – Merchants selling Bags, Pottery Wheel and Kiln out back
5 Nesiff’s Wooden Weapons – Merchants selling Blunt Weapons, Bows, outside Merchant selling Fletching Supplies (Arrows), Royal Qeynos Forge nearby
6 Lion’s Mane Inn – Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel, Message Board
7 Tax Hall
8 Qeynos Hold – Bank, Soulbinder outside
9 Underwater tunnel to Qeynos Underground
10 The Herb Jar – Merchants selling Spells, Potions, Books, Crystals, and Magician Equipment
11 Wizard, Enchanter, and Magician Guild Hall with Merchants selling Spells and Wizard Equipment, outside Wizard, Enchanter, and Magician Trainers
12 Tent Merchants selling Small Leather and Ringmail Armor and Medium Cloth Armor, Loom nearby
13 Fireprides – Merchants selling Medium Plate, Chain and Leather Armor and Shields, Shield Molds, Forge outside
14 Tent Merchant selling Large Leather and Ringmail Armor and Large Shields
15 Boat Dock
16 Mermaid’s Lure – Merchant selling Fishing Supplies
17 Tent Merchants selling Cloth Armor, Small Sewing Kits, Bags, Axes, and Sharp Weapons (including Claymore)
18 Warrior Training Hall inside the Grounds of Fate (PvP Area), Merchant selling Various Weapons, underground tunnel leads to Qeynos Underground (follow the bones)
19 Underwater tunnel to Qeynos Underground
20 Port Authority
21 Merchant selling Instrument Parts, Spells, Compass, and Fish
22 Voleen’s Fine Baked Goods – Merchants selling Food, Brewing Supplies, some Baking Supplies, Oven inside
23 Fish’s Ale – Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside, Message Board
24 Temple of Thunder – Paladin and Cleric Trainers, Merchants selling Spells, Various Weapons, and Shields of all sizes
Note the Royal Qeynos Forge is located next to the Clock Tower at approximately 375, -365

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Adjacent Zones

    Qeynos Hills
    Erud’s Crossing


Qeynos is one of the largest cities in all of Norrath, and one of the two large coastal cities run by the humans. The docks of the city provide trade from Qeynos to the high human city of Erudin, as well as to other areas along the coast. The Guards of Qeynos command posts throughout the surrounding terrain, providing protection to travellers as far away the the Plains of Karana. Most of the major guilds are present in this town, and it is the home of the Clanhouse of the Silent Fist. There is a seamy underbelly to this city, like other port cities, and rumors of corruption and smuggling as well as unsavory street dwellers are a part of everyday life here. There are many (some say too many) drinking establishments within the high walls of the city.

Traveling To and From

Qeynos is a major hub of travel on the western coast of Norrath. It is the only major port which receives regular traffic from Erudin, our human brothers to the west. A great deal of mystical knowledge is gained through this alliance. We are separated from our barbarian brothers in the northlands by the savage gnolls of Blackburrow, but many of them battle their way through to see the lands south of their home. We maintain a strong alliance with the rangers and druids of Surefall Glade, though they prefer to stay clear of our streets and buildings.

To the east, however, lies vast uncharted territory. The human city of Freeport might as well lie on the sun as on our very continent, for no traveller has managed to create an ocean route to that port, and overland travel either takes the traveller through the savage swamps of the ogres and trolls or through the Plains of Karana and lands further to the east, which are populated by bandits and giants, as well as other creatures that defy description. Our City Guard maintains posts in the Plains of Karana, but they are scattered and only extend into the western edge of this vast area.