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Permafrost Keep

Location Key

1 Lair of Lady Vox who drops a large number of items, including: Crystalline Spear, Dragon Bone Bracelet, Dragon Bone Hammer, McVaxius’ Horn of War, Kayruul’s Mystic Pouch, Runed Bolster Belt, Scimitar of the Mistwalker, Staff of Forbidden Rites, Tobrin’s Mystic Eyepatch, Warhammer of Divine Grace, White Dragon Scale
2 Ice Giant Diplomat who drops Throwing Boulders, and Ice Goblin Champion who drops Crystalline Blade
3 “King’s Room” – King Thex’Ka IV who drops Symbol of Loyalty to Vox (Common) and White Wolf Hide Cloak (Rare), Ice Goblin Patriarch who drops Frost Goblin Totem, and Elite Goblin Guards who drop Icy Greaves, Frost Goblin Skin, and Elite Honor Guards who drop Silvery War Axe (Common), and Silvery Two-Handed Axe (Rare), and High Priest Zaharn who drops Zaharn’s Coronet
4 Goblin Archeologist who drops Archeologists Pack (Common) and Dented Brass Mask (Rare)
5 Well that drops to sub-caverns shown at lower right
6 Goblin Preacher who drops Cold Iron Morning Star (Common) and Runed Circlet (Rare)
7 “Flag Room”
8 Goblin Alchemist who drops Mammoth Hide Leggings (Common) and Mammoth Hide Cloak (Rare)
9 Goblin Jail Master who drops Wooly Silk Net (Common) and Etched Ivory Charm (Rare)
10 Goblin Scryer who drops Ice Crystal Staff (Common) and White Wolf Slippers (Rare)
Note that the Icy Goblin spawns in the middle jail cell next to Area 9

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Everfrost Peaks

Notable NPCs

Lady Vox, Priest of Nagafen, High Priest Zaharn, Goblin Alchemist, King Thex’Ka IV, Goblin Archeologist, Goblin Patriarch, Goblin Preacher, Goblin Jail Master, Goblin Scryer, Elite Honor Guard, Injured Polar Bear, Ice Goblin Champion, Ice Giant Diplomat

Unique Items

Archeologist Pack, Barbarian Hunting Spear, Cold Iron Morning Star, Crystalline Blade, Crystalline Spear, Dented Brass Mask, Dragon Bone Bracelet, Dragon Bone Hammer, Etched Ivory Charm, Frost Goblin Skin, Frost Goblin Totem, Icy Greaves, Ice Crystal Staff, Kayruul’s Mystic Pouch, Mammoth Hide Cloak, Mammoth Hide Leggings, McVaxius’ Horn of War, Runed Bolster Belt, Runed Circlet, Scimitar of the Mistwalker, Silvery Two-Handed Axe, Silvery War Axe, Staff of Forbidden Rites, Symbol of Loyalty to Vox, Throwing Boulders, Tobrin’s Mystic Eyepatch, Warhammer of Divine Grace, White Dragon Scale, White Wolf Hide Cloak, Wolf Fur Slippers, Wooly Spider Silk Net, Zaharn’s Coronet


Permafrost Keep is an ancient ice giant castle that has fallen into ruin, buried in the glaciers that are slowly claiming the northlands. Most of the ancient castle lies in ruins, and what is left consists of rediscovered areas of the old castle and a warren of caves dug out by the goblins who owe fealty to the great dragon Lady Vox. Ice Giants still live here, trapped deep beneath in the cold, waiting in attendance on their master.


Permafrost Keep is similar to other goblin dungeons in that there are always a large number of goblins either standing or wandering around anyplace that you are. This makes it a very challenging, some would say impossible, area to solo in, although there are certainly a couple of places where soloing is possible. Most adventuring within requires a group so that you can survive the constant onslaught of the goblins, many of whom are casters and can see through invisibility.

It should be noted that one of the two dragons on Antonica resides in the depths of Permafrost. Lady Vox herself holds court deep within this dungeon. She is guarded by Ice Giants who attend to her, and who are highly aggressive. Her lair is also protected by pit traps, which can drop you into a dangerous underground area filled with dire wolves, polar bears, and icy terrors. Do not attempt to take Lady Vox or the Ice Giant Castle by yourself or even in a small group, to kill Vox requires the coordinated efforts of several well-balanced groups. There is also (disgustingly) usually a server-wide list for who gets to attack Vox when she spawns.


This zone, despite being far off in the north, actually does get some travellers from afar, seeking out the goods that lie within it. There are many rare items that are highly prized elsewhere in Norrath that can only be found here.

Lady Vox herself typically draws the most attention these days, as the players become more and more powerful. Although she herself is godlike in power, the items that she typically drops are equal to the risk, and many guilds and groups vie for the chance to fight her.

There are a couple of specific areas that are relatively safe to hunt in for large periods of time. One is the Flag Room, named such because of the flag hanging on an ancient pole in the middle of the room. A group of the appropriate level can stay up against the wall and pull from the flag room and the room beyond for quite some time. This requires a powerful and well-coordinated group, however, as you can accidentally pull as many as five spellcasting goblins at once.

It is also possible to solo relatively safely in two areas, one in the area of the Goblin Alchemist, and you can often find rangers from afar in this room waiting for him to appear. The other area is the King’s Room, where a brave person can sit along the front wall and pull the spawns carefully.

Traveling To and From

There is only one way in and out of Permafrost Keep, through the tunnels leading in from the ancient castle ruins along the eastern border of Everfrost. There are, however, two ways to get to the tunnels. If you pass directly through the castle, you have found the shortest way, but also the most dangerous, as there are usually several ice giants in that tunnel standing guard. The other route lies through a small tunnel that can be found nearby along the northern wall of Everfrost. This winds its way through ancient tunnels and eventually into the main exit, past the guards through a secret door. Through this way, Permafrost Keep can be safely entered.