An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Location Key

1 Shaman Guild, Merchant selling Spell Components and Various Weapons
2 Ambassador K’Ryn, Beastlord Trainer in tunnel just south of this one
3 Merchant who sells Blunt Weapons, Ore, and Large Chainmail Patterns, Oggok Forge
4 Merchant selling Food and other Goods, Pottery Wheel and Kiln
5 Merchant selling Large Boots and Sewing Patterns, Loom
6 Merchant selling Large Shields, Soulbinder across at tunnel openings
7 Merchant selling Various Weapons
8 Merchant who sells Boxes
9 Priest of Discord
10 Merchant selling Arrows and Fletching Supplies
11 Merchant who sells Food and other Goods
12 Merchants selling Food, Oven
13 Shadowknight Guild, Merchant selling Various Weapons
14 Merchants selling Large Leather and Cloth Armor, Merchant outside selling Various Weapons
15 Merchants selling Large Chain and Plate Armor, Merchant outside sells Large Plate and Shield Molds, and Smithy Hammers, Forge Inside
16 Shaman Trainer, Merchants selling Alchemy Items and Blunt Weapons
17 Merchants selling Food and Alcohol and Brewing Supplies, Brew Barrel
18 Warrior Guild, Merchant selling Various Weapons
19 Bank

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    The Feerrott


Oggok is simple from the outside, and if you were to fly over the cove you would only see a few small huts and one large building jutting from the face of the side of it. However, most of the city lies underground, as the ogres have carved out a place to live despite their limited space. Most of the area is very confusing to individuals who have never been there before, which I would think had been intended if it were not for the general stupidity of ogres. Jubjub might say that a troll had designed the place…

Traveling To and From

Oggok opens into the Feerrott in an area that looks like a small ogre town, with several small clusters of huts and shops. Many of the towns artisans live outside of its walls within range of the guards for the town, although they rarely need to call on them for aid. Travelling to the northwest through the Rathe Mountains eventually leads to the Plains of Karana and lands beyond. Travelling east through Innothule Swamp eventually leads to the Desert of Ro and Freeport and the lands to the east.