An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Neriak Foreign Quarter

Location Key

1 Guard Hall
2 The Smugglers Inn – Merchants selling Alcohol, Brewing Supplies, Food Items and other goods
3 Silk Underground – Merchants Small and Large Cloth Armor and Sewing Kits
4 Dranas Bread and Butcher – Merchants selling Food Items and Baking Supplies, Oven outside
5 Slugs Tavern – Merchants selling Alcohol, Food and Other Goods, Brew Barrel outside
6 Market View with Gambel’s Greens with Merchant selling Potions and Crystals, also Merchant selling High Quality Ore, Small and Large Bricks
7 Merchants who sell Shoes and Bags, as well as Kiln and Pottery Wheel, Soulbinder
8 Merchant outside who sells Various Weapons
9 Two Ogres who sell all Blacksmithing books, Large Chainmail Patterns, Weapon Part Molds, File Molds and other Molds
10 Bank, Armor Shop selling Large Chainmail Armor, Forge outside
11 Pig Stickers – Merchants selling Various Weapons, Forge outside
12 Building with secret entrance to Underground and Troll NPC
13 Merchant selling Food and Alcohol
14 Merchants selling Weapons, Shaman Spells, Shadowknight Spells, Beastlord Spells, Beastlord and Shaman Trainers
15 PvP Area, Merchants who sell Food and other Goods, Various Weapons, and Alcohol
16 Bites n Pieces – Merchants selling Food Items and other Goods, Oven outside
17 Shinie Tings – Merchant selling Jewelry Metals and Rare Gems

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Neriak Commons

Location Key

1 Priest of Discord
2 Entrance to the Neriak Underground – found within is the Neriak Bank, The Burnished Coin, The Refined Palate, The Bounty of the Earth, and the Blind Fish, these places sell between them Sharpening Stones, Clay, Ore, Smithy Hammers, Weapons Blade Molds, Alcohol, Food Items and other Books, Baking Supplies, Potions and Crystals, also has Brew Barrel and Oven
3 Smithy – Merchants selling Small Chain Armor and Various Weapons
4 Adamant Armor – Merchant who sells Small Plate Armor, Forge outside
5 Forge House
6 Wizard, Magician, and Enchanter Guild Hall – Merchants selling all items for those classes
7 Toadstools – Merchants selling Alcohol and Small Armor Molds, Fishing Supplies outside
8 The Bleek Fletcher – Merchant selling Fletching supplies (arrows)
9 The House of D’abth – Merchant selling Food Items and other Goods
10 The Dashing Form – Merchant selling Small Cloth Armor and Sewing Kits
11 Warriors Guild Hall with merchants who sell Weapons and Alcohol
Note the above map is missing a secret area that lies behind the waterfall north of 1, and a Wizard Rod spawns as well

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Neriak 3rd Gate

Location Key

1 Temple of Innoruuk – Cleric Guild Hall, Merchants selling Blunt Weapons, Fulligrans Soulstone
2 Necromancer and ShadowKnight Guild Hall – Merchants selling appropriate equipment for these classes
3 Library – Merchants selling Various Spells, including Wizard Portal spells, Enchanter Vision and Enchant metal spells, and Magician Summon spells
4 Furrier Royale – Merchant selling Small Leather Armor, Patterns and Kit
5 Rogue Guild Hall with Merchants selling Rogue Weapons
6 The Maidens Fancy – Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside, also has Dark Elf Ambassador and Ironforge Prisoner
7 The Bauble – Merchant selling Gems for Jewelcraft
8 Cuisine Excelsior – Merchants selling Alcohol, Oven outside
9 The Rack – Merchant selling Wine
10 Tier’Dal Forge inside Building with Merchant outside selling Small Plate and Shield Molds
11 X’Lottl Private Mansion
12 J’Narus Private Mansion with Merchant selling Adamantite and Chain Patterns

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Adjacent Zones

    Nektulos Forest


Neriak is the center of the Dark Elven empire, and is a splendid, dark city that lies carved out of the mountians next to the Nektulos Forest. No natural light has ever seen their homeland, and the dark elves thrive and flourish in their city. All manner of evil races, including the Trolls and Ogres, can be found within. Most of these are restricted to the Foreign Quarter, where the dark elves trade with the outside world. The deeper parts of the city house many of the city’s shops, guild halls, and homes.

Traveling To and From

Neriak can be reached only by travelling through the Nektulos Forest to its well-guarded entrance. To the north of the forest lies the broken Lavastorm Mountains and the lair of the great dragon, Lord Nagafen, as well as the Temple of Solusek Ro. To the south of the forest lies the Commonlands, and from them the human cities of Freeport, Highhold Keep, and the lands beyond.