An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Location Key

1 Pit of Doom – Warrior Guild, Merchant selling Weapons
2 Merchant selling Bags and Boxes
3 Shaman Guild – Merchants selling Alchemy Items, Soulbinder outside
4 Dok’s Cigars – Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Pottery Equipment
5 The Golden Torc – Merchants Steel and Iron Torques, Pottery Wheel inside and Kiln out back
6 Rogue’s Guild
7 Bank, Merchants for Throwing Weapons, Lockpicks, Food and other Goods, Rogue Trainers, Priest of Discord outside
8 Mac’s Kilts – Merchants selling Large Cloth and Leather Armor, Small Sewing Kits and Patterns, Loom outside
9 McDaniels Smokes and Spirits – Merchants selling Alcohol, Smithing Equipment, Large Plate Molds, Large Shield Molds, Smithy Hammers, Large Chainmail Patterns, Baking Supplies, Warrior Trainer, Merchant selling Food and other Goods and Oven outside
10 Sells Food and Alcohol, Pottery and Brewing Supplies
11 McPherson’s Bloody Blades – Merchants selling Large Chain and Plate Armor, Bows and Arrows, Fletching Supplies, Weapon Molds, Forges and Northman Forge outside
12 McQuaid’s Bar and Stout – Brew Barrel, Merchants selling Alcohol, Merchant selling Ore outside
13 Yee Magik – Merchants selling Blunt Weapons, Medicine Bags, Dufrenite, Potions and Crystals
14 The Bound Mermaid – Merchant selling Fishing Supplies
15 Merchants who sell Food, Cooking Equipment and Pottery Patterns
16 Beastlord Trainer and Merchant selling Beastlord Spells

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Everfrost Peaks


Halas is a city like its inhabitants, simple and to the point. Only barbarians would even consider swimming in the lake that provides them protection instead of waiting for the raft to carry them across, swimming without fear in the frigid waters. The city is relatively small, but has everything that any larger city has in half the space. Barbarians are usually the only ones in the streets, but you can occasionally see a human or half-elf, or even other more tropical races. Frequent snowstorms keep the streets and rooftops white year-round.

Travelling To and From

The only way to get to the city of Halas is to brave both the gnoll land of Blackburrow as well as the Everfrost Peaks themselves. Passing through these leads to the lands north of Qeynos and, from there, the rest of Norrath.