An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Location Key

1 Soulbinder
2 Merchant selling Alchemy Supplies
3 Merchants selling Fletching and Bowyery supplies, and Bows and Arrows
4 Merchants selling Cooking Supplies, Oven
5 Merchants selling Plate Armor, Chain Armor, Leather Armor and Patterns, Cloth Armor and Patterns
6 “The Watering Hole” – Merchants selling Brewing Supplies, Alcohol, Brew Barrel
7 “Gukta Exchange” – Merchants selling Rusty Weapons, Jewelry Supplies, Food and Goods, Spell Components, Bags, Forge inside, outside Merchants selling Pottery Sketches, Plate Molds, Blacksmithing Supplies, Dyeing Supplies, Small Chain Patterns, Kiln and Pottery Wheel nearby
8 Merchants selling Shaman Spells
9 Zokta Elders, Emissary of Marr further in
10 Shaman, Paladin, Wizard, Cleric, and Warrior Trainers
11 “Stronghold of Gukta” – Bank
12 Sewing Kit, Merchants selling Tailoring Supplies (all)
13 West side – Merchants selling Wizard Spells and Supplies, Basic Blacksmithing Molds, Oven; East side – Merchants selling Cleric and Paladin Spells
14 Lokta Elders

More Information

Adjacent Zones

    Innothule Swamp


Grobb is a very small compared to some of the human towns on Antonica, and very utilitarian in its design. The entrance from the vicious Innothule Swamp is heavily guarded by frogloks, and the interior of the caverns are filled with their kind as well as swamp species that they have tamed and trained. There are prisons for their enemies, the trolls. Mud flows freely through their town, and they seem not to mind.

Traveling To and From

The access to Grobb is through the Innothule Swamp, which can easily be reached from the ogre home of Oggok by travelling a short distance through the Feerrott. It is possible, although arduous, to reach both of the human cities of Qeynos and Freeport. The former is reached through the Rathe Mountains north of the Feerrott, and then the vast Plains of Karana north of that. The latter can be found adjacent to the Desert of Ro, which stretches north of Innothule Swamp for many miles.