An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


North Freeport

Location Key

1 Office of Landholders with Merchants selling Food and other Goods, and Cooking Books
2 Hall of Truth – the Paladin Guild
3 Temple of Mithaniel Marr – Guilds for the Clerics and Paladins
4 Groflah’s Forger with Merchants selling Ore, Weapons, Clay, Sharpening Stones, Smithing Equipment, Forge outside door
5 Marsheart’s Chords – Bard Guild Hall, Merchants selling Throwing Weapons and Musical Instruments
6 Freeport City Hall
7 Coalition of Trade Folks with Merchants selling Food and other Goods
8 Guard House
9 Empty Building
10 “The Blue Building” with Merchant selling Jewelry Metals, Gems, and Books
11 Jade Tiger Den with Merchants selling Food and other Goods
12 Tassel’s Tavern with Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside
13 Emporium with Merchants selling Medium Cloth items, Forge outside door
14 Empty Building
15 Bank of Freeport, Merchant selling Gems
16 Tavern with Merchant selling Food Items, Meat Pies, has Brew Barrel and Oven inside and Pottery Wheel and Kiln outside
17 Merchant selling Fletching and Bowmaking Supplies, Oven outside
18 Merchants selling Food and other Goods
19 Clothier Shop with Merchants selling Pottery Sketches and Cloth armor

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West Freeport

Location Key

1 Merchant selling Brewing Supplies
2 Ogre selling Pickled Items
3 Freeport Militia with Warrior Guild, Forge out back
4 Merchant selling Cloth Armor
5 Magician, Enchanter, and Wizard Guild – sells Tomes, Gems, and Violet Robes
6 Warrior Guild with Merchants selling Various Weapons, Forge and Freeport Forge out back
7 Arena – PvP area, Warrior Trainers in balcony
8 Smithy – Merchants selling Pottery Supplies, Pottery Wheel inside and Kiln outside
9 Hogcaller’s Inn – sells Alcohol, Lady Shae inside, Brew Barrel outside
10 The Stage
11 Brownloe Bakery – sells Food Items and Bowls, Kiln and Pottery Wheel outside
12 Ashen Order – Monk Guild Hall, Merchants selling Throwing Weapons and Musical Instruments
13 Torlig’s Herbs and Medicines – sells Potions, Crystals, Mistletoe
14 Empty Building – Oven inside

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East Freeport

Location Key

1 Armor by Ikthar with Merchants selling Chain and Plate Armor, Armor Molds, Clay, Chain Sectionals, Shield Molds, Plate Molds, Forge outside
2 Trader’s Holiday with Merchants selling Blacksmithing Molds and Books, Alcohol, Brew Barrel and Oven inside
3 Tavern with Merchant selling Racial Alcohol
4 Velith and Bardo Imported Goods with Merchants selling Racial Alcohol, Blacksmithing Books, File molds and other molds, Loom upstairs
5 Leather and Hide with Merchants selling Small and Medium Leather Armor and Patterns
6 Priest of Discord
7 Grub and Grog Tavern Merchants selling Alcohol and Food, has Brew Barrel and Oven inside
8 Freeport Inn with Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Soulbinder outside
9 Port Authority with Merchants selling Fishing Supplies
10 The Dock for boat to Ocean of Tears, Butcherblock Mountains, and the rest of Faydwer
11 Seafarer’s Roost with Merchants selling Odd and Unusual Beers, Throwing Weapons and Lockpicks, Brew Barrel inside, Entrance to Stairs B in East Freeport Tunnels
12 Inn – secret entrance to the underground tunnels with Necromancer, Shadow Knight, and Rogue guilds, as well as Guildmaster for the other classes for evil races guarded by Trap Wire
13 Empty Building with Secret Entrance to Stairs A in East Freeport Tunnels, Oven outside
14 Empty Building
15 Gord’s Smithy with Merchants selling Various Weapons and Bags, Forge outside
16 Chops and Hops with Merchant selling Alcohol, has Oven inside
17 Hallard’s Resales with Merchants selling Various Weapons, also KOS dog named Scraps

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East Freeport Tunnels

Location Key

1 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers
2 Warrior, Shadow Knight, Enchanter, Mage, and Wizard Trainers
3 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers
4 Cleric and Shadow Knight Trainers
5 Shadow Knight Trainer, Merchants selling Weapons and Spells
6 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers, Merchants selling Spells
7 Necromancer Trainer, Merchants selling Necromancer Equipment and Spells
8 Shadow Knight Trainer, Merchant selling Weapons
9 Rogue Trainers
10 Dark Elf Rogue Trainer
11 Rogue Trainers
12 Rogue Guild Master and Trainers
A Stairs up to Hidden Entrance to Building #13 in East Freeport
B Door to Building #11 in East Freeport

West Freeport Tunnels

Location Key

1 Flooded Room
2 Toxdil, a Rogue dealing in Poison
3 Flooded Water Cistern with Drowned Citizens who drop Waterlogged Flesh, one can travel around the upper rim and avoid the water, but if you fall in you must swim northward to exit through a secret tunnel.

Adjacent Zones

    East Commonlands
    Ocean of Tears
    Northern Desert of Ro


Freeport is considered by most to be the hub of Antonica for a variety of reasons. It is the mercantile center of the continent, since it holds the only port with a regular boat to the island continent of Faydwer. It holds facilities for most of the artisan trades, and most budding craftsman travel to Freeport to take advantage of the readily available facilities. Freeport is also the hub for traffic of all sorts. The good races travel its streets to go to their guilds and the shops, as well as to the boat to Faydwer, and the dark races travel through the sewers to reach most of the same destinations. Guild Halls for all classes except the Rangers, Druids, and Shamans are present within the city.

Traveling To and From

Freeport can be reached from the east from across the Ocean of Tears by the ships that regularly travel the route. From the south, one travels to the Northern Desert of Ro and from there into East Freeport. From the west, one travels to the easternmost part of the Commonlands, and from there into West Freeport.