An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

VKP Rules

We believe in VKP (Vintage Kill Points) as the fairest way to distributing raid loot and we’ve designed a rule set specifically tailored for the mix of casual to hardcore players on Al’Kabor. We believe our rules provide fairness for mains, as well as boxes, guests, and alts. The VKP website will be maintained by the guild Loot Officer, who also has an overrule authority should any extraordinary circumstances arise. VKP are strict rules for raiding so raids go faster and run smoothly – thus, we can spend less time raiding and more time relaxing and having fun!

The VKP Need vs Want Looting System

When an item drops in guild it will work like this:

Wejbot Tells the Guild “AYE if you Need Cobalt Breastplate 20VKP”
Shuvit Tells the Guild “AYE”
Wejbot Tells the Guild “AYE if you Need Cobalt Breastplate 20VKP Last Call”
Morbid Tells the Guild “Aye for Cobalt Breasplate”
Wejbot Tells the Guild “AYE if you Need Cobalt Breastplate 20VKP CLOSED: Morbid”
Wejbot Tells the Guild “Gratz Morbid”
This should take 1-2 minutes

In this scenario Shuvit is ignored from loot. YOU MUST say what you are AYEing for. There will be multiple loot items done at once and officers need to be aware which item you are AYEing especially if there is multiple loot that you are trying to win.

If a need AYE is used it will be verified that the person does infact have a need roll. If the person does bidding is closed and the member is awarded the item.

If no need AYE is used it will then transition to wants.

Wejbot Tells the Guild “AYE if you Want Cobalt Breastplate 20VKP”
Wejbot Tells the Guild “AYE if you Want Cobalt Breastplate 20VKP Last Call”
This should take 1-2 minutes

Need bids are rewarded at 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, 50 and then every 10 VKP after 50 lifetime VKPs earned. Once earned, a need roll can be used on any item, even if earned during the current raid. A need roll is only consumed when an item is won with the need roll.

A member may only have a maximum of 10 need rolls saved, and is allowed to use as many need rolls on the same raid as he has accumulated, which will be tracked on the VKP website.

There will be new need roll incentives once Kunark is released such as completing your epic or getting level 60, to be announced in the future.

All “Need” bids will take priority over “Want” bids, and then the VKP rules below will determine the winner of the item after the Need and Wants are finalized.

Regarding Epic Loots:

If the raid for an epic item was organized by the person who wishes to obtain the item, he or she will receive the item. If the raid was organized by the guild officers, loot will be given to the member that is able to use it to turn in after the raid. If no member is at the turn in point for the epic piece, leadership can decide to bank the item until another member is closer along on the quest.

Regarding Guests on Raids:

Guests are welcome to come along on Vintage’s raids, however will start with a -10 VKP adjustment so members of Vintage receive loot priority. Guests will be able to gain and spend VKP and Need Rolls AS EQUALS of guild members, and if a guest ever becomes a full member of Vintage, the -10 VKP adjustment will be removed from the character.



The current System that Vintage is using for VKP is a ratio based system. This means that leadership will be deciding how much VKP Each and Every raid is worth. This means that depending on how hard the encounter is how many people we have and what happens will determine how much VKP is earned.

Ratios: are between 1:1 and 1:2. Once the Ratio is determined for the raid the amount of VKP spent divided by the number of people there multiplied by the ratio will determine the Raids VKP. This does mean that if terrible items drop that have low VKP costs it does lower the amount of VKP earned. Depending on the situation Leadership can increase the ratio if needed to counteract this problem.

Items will be calculated using a Master Item Formula . All the stats on an Item will be used to calculate its value. + stats add value and – stats decrease value. Two things to consider when picking loot for your characters; The more classes that can use the item the more the item will cost. If there is a very good class specific item i would suggest trying to get that rather than getting an all/all item for the same slot. This also means because you are paying for stats that if you dont need or want mana that you do not get items that have mana on them.

Failed Attempts = .5VKP

Whoever has more VKP wins under the following guidelines..

  • For a Main to auto-win an item over another Main, he requires at least +8 VKP.
  • All Mains that are within 8 VKP of the highest VKP Main bidding on an item will receive a batch of numbers, 0-49, 50-99, etc… and a /random 0 x will be done by a Loot Officer to determine the winner.
  • For a Box to be considered for a roll with a Main in the above example, he requires at least +8 VKP more than the Main with the highest VKP to participate.
  • For a Box to auto-win an item over a Main, he requires at least +15 VKP more than the Main with the highest VKP.
  • A Main can optionally allow a Box who does not have enough VKP to roll on an item against him at anytime.
  • If you have negative VKP, you cannot win an item over a character who has positive VKP, but can win an item over another negative VKP member with the same ruleset above.
  • If you win an item while in negative VKP, you will go further into the negative.
  • If you box a character that you normally wouldn’t to help the raid, the VKP it earns will be added to your Main.
  • Mains and Boxes pay full price for items, Alt pay 0 (For Now) price BUT they must be brought to the raid ahead of time and ready to loot the item.
  • THE RAID WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU TO RUN YOUR ALT OVER! Alts can only be awarded loot if NO ONE else is interested.


  • Being early(10 minutes) and ready gets you bonus VKP (FOR NOW)
  • Being on time but not actually ready or you afk and miss directions will be considered late and be penalized with a 50% VKP reduction.
  • Being on time is expected everytime so you get no bonus


  • Showing up LATE for a raid will cause 50% VKP reduction off the first mob/event that can grant you VKP as well as leaving before the target has been killed or the raid has been called.
  • Members that have trained a Raid are not Elegible to win loot at that raid.
  • Trains that are proven to be done on purpose will apply VKP penalties to the Main/Boxes. (Knew the train was behind you when you showed up in Camp)
  • Trains that are proven to be accidental will apply VKP penalties to the Main. (Showed up in camp and then a train shows up)

The VKP system also encourages players to play with lots of incentives. For a complete list of Bonus’s please check out this thread:

Please Send PMs to Wejbot for any VKP updates you need.
Examples: Epic, Level 60, Keys, Wasnt really at a raid.

The VKP website tracks Mains, Boxes, and Alts. Those values will be used to track VKP and award loot. If you need those values changed or corrected please PM Wejbot. Exceptions will not be made. If you come to an officer when an item drops but you want your alt to win but have not made the change prior it will not be acknowledged.

IF you find an issue with anything being wrong it must be brought to my attention BEFORE names are taken for any specific item so please review your totals ahead of time. The site should be dead on and mistakes should be rare but they do happen.

As always the leadership of Vintage is looking to make our loot distribution system as fair as possible for all members involved. If any member feels that the system is unfair giving favoritism to certain players and or have a suggestion to make it better please shoot me a PM and the matter will be looked into by the leadership staff.

If you have any questions concerns or comments drop us a line.