An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Joining Vintage

At the core of Vintage is a small, tight-knit group of gamers that love playing EverQuest together. With years of gaming experiences with each other, we’ve learned one another’s play styles, habits and mannerisms, which improve how efficient we can raid and get things accomplished.

What we’re looking for are players who play a lot and know how to play their class. We do not raid everyday like the larger guilds. However, we do raid frequently. When targets are spawned, we will usually have enough members online who are ready to drop what they’re doing to help each other out. That’s how a small guild like Vintage succeeds.. we have members who play, and play for one another.

If you believe you have what it takes to join our ranks, please register and post an application on our forums and look for us in-game to group with, tag-along on raids, or just chat with to get to know us better individually.

Our recruitment is currently open to all characters levels 1-60.

Since our current expansion has not unlocked AA’s yet, all applicants levels 51-60 will be required to email an officer with a screenshot of their AA’s screen to confirm the character does not have any AA’s spent yet.

How do I apply to Vintage?

1. Interested players must create an account on our website and forums and post an application using the recruitment template. The template will be a few basic questions on the player, mostly so we can get to know you. A character profile is now required in addition to your questionnaire application.

2. An officer will contact the player in game and inspect to ensure the gear worn is era-appropriate, and answer any questions regarding progression that you have.

3. The player is tagged as a member w/provisional status. They will have full access to our members only forum, and will be treated as an equal in-game, including receiving gifts and gear by members personal discretion, and receive loot on raids through our VKP system like a normal member.

Appendix A.

If a group of players wish to join, they must all apply separately. This is so we can get to know each one individually and that everyone goes through the same fair formal recruiting process.

We look forward to playing with you soon!

– Vintage.