An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


Progression Raiders of Al’Kabor

Vintage is no longer an active EQ guild since the official sunset of the Al’Kabor server on November 18, 2013. This roster was last updated in Spring 2013.

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Mains are actual players and is the primary character played by this person.
Boxes are secondary characters that can be played by the main person at the same time as the primary character. Each main is allowed to have one “boxed” character to be considered for loot in our VKP system.
Alts are secondary characters on the same account as the Main, and the main character cannot be played at the same time as the alternate character. Alts can also be a Main’s boxed character if the character is not the claimed “box” he or she has chosen to be considered for loot in our VKP system. Alt’s are always considered for loot after all mains and boxes have had priority preference.


Inactive Vintage Members

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Inactive Members are characters and/or players who have either not been seen in Norrath in the past month, retired, or subscriptions canceled. These inactive members are invited to be re-added to the roster if they are to become active again.