An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor


What Vintage is All About

Vintage believes in having fun in a game. We are all gamers who play a lot, however, will not pressure anyone to playing over real life plans, or making players stay for late night raids or camps that can wait until another day.

Vintage was founded by a group of gamers and friends who have played EverQuest together since 1999, and various other MMO’s together since. We have come together on The Al’Kabor server to once again, rekindle the fun and the memories EQ brought to us in the last few years. Vintage will never become a large raiding guild, however, has the strength in our quality of players to be able to pull together a raid force whenever we find the need to band together. Most of our players are online a lot, as well as an instant message or phone call away from logging in to raid when needed.

Vintage will be one of those few small guilds that succeed because we play a lot, and we play for each other. It is not uncommon for everybody online at any given time to drop whatever they are doing to help in a guild raid. We also value and respect the community we play with and withhold from training, killstealing, and vulgarity in public channels. If any member of Vintage should ever pose a conflict upon you or your guild, please contact any officer who is online to resolve the issue.

About Raiding:

Wednesday and Saturday evenings are our primary raiding nights, while we may not have a raid every Wed. or Saturday, we would like to schedule these nights as high attendance nights so we can group to xp, quest or raid content when there are enough of us online. If a particular mob or content is scheduled, it will most likely fall on one of our primary raiding nights.

Our guild plans on experiencing the original EQ game the way it was intended to be enjoyed. During the classic era, classic zones were capped at 50, including Naggy, Vox, Planes of Hate, Fear and Sky are included. Boss mobs were attempted depending on availability and attendance, and gear farming and epic questing were done while still era-appropriate. Once the membership agreed we’ve conquered the classic era, we unlocked Kunark, where new adventures awaited.

During the Kunark era, we planned on completing every classes’ epic quest, defeating Plane of Sky, and raiding Venril Sathir, the outdoor Dragons, and Trakanon. Our immediate plans after these goals is to raid Veeshan’s Peak before unlocking Velious.

We ended our Kunark era by completing over 56 quested VP Keys, and raided the infamous dragons of Veeshan’s Peak for the past two straight months. With the completion and clearing of Veeshan’s Peak, Vintage has defeated some of the most challenging content only few guilds have succeeded before them using era appropriate gear and spells. This feat in and of itself is worthy of commendation to each and every member of the guild. Beyond that, we have proven that we are not only ready for the next set of challenges, but that we will stare them down and defeat them with the same courage and ferocity as we did with Kunark.

Now in the Velious expansion, we plan to have multiple smaller raids throughout the week while still scheduling our main raids for Wednesday evenings and one weekend afternoon per week. At the moment this will mostly be Saturdays, with Sunday raids depending on member attendances.

How is loot handled on raids?

We believe in VKP (Vintage Kill Points) as the fairest way to distributing raid loot, however we have made a rule set specifically tailored for the mix of casual to hardcore players on Al’Kabor. We believe our rules provide fairness for mains, as well as boxes, guests, and alts. The VKP website will be maintained by the guild Loot Officer, who also has an overrule authority should any extraordinary circumstances arise. Please visit our VKP rules page for more information: VKP Rules.

Guild goals by expansion:

Classic Era (Max Lvl 50):

  • Gear up members with Planar Armor and Plane of Sky Quested Armor.
  • Kill Naggy, Vox and Phinny as a guild.
  • Kill POH and POF Mini-bosses as a guild.

Kunark Era (Max Lvl 60):

  • Gear up members with Kunark Class Armor and Plane of Sky Quested Armor.
  • Kill Talendor, Gorenaire, Severilous, Trakanon, Venril Sathir as a guild.
  • Complete every class epic quest as a guild.
  • Kill all 6 Veeshan’s Peak Dragons and farm their infamous loot as a guild.

Velious Era (Max Lvl 60):

  • Gear up members with Dragon Armor from Halls of Testing.
  • Kill Vindi, Statue, Draco/Golems/CT, Orb of Infinite Void, Doze/Drakes, Dain, Velk as a guild.

Rules for the Vintage Progression Experience…

Members of <Vintage> must abide by the following progression rules. We won’t be policing every piece of gear worn or spell used, however, we will notice if you are using any thing that is not allowed during guild raids, and you will be warned to remove and stop using the item or spell. Repeat offenders may receive a guildremove at the officers discretion. Ruining progression for yourself is one thing, ruining it for others is not tolerated.

1. Vintage is currently in the Velious Expansion and members cannot travel to any zones outside of the Kunark, Antonica, Odus, Faydwer and Velious continent. This rule also implies that you CANNOT use the POK book to travel.

2. Any items or spells that are sold naturally by NPCs in any old world zone is allowed to be used (with certain exceptions). Any vendor-sold items or gifts from other players from a future expansion we have not opened to the guild yet should be banked for use in the future.

3. Twinking and Powerleveling is allowed. If you wish to expedite your leveling experience, that is your personal agenda, as long as the zones, gear and spells that are used are all era-relevant (powerleveling was done in the original EQ as well).

4. /anon and /role modes are not allowed.

Please read the Progression FAQ’s page for more information about our guild.