An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Vintage Reincarnated on TAKP

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Yes, the rumors are true! Vintage has started a new chapter on a new server.

The Al’Kabor Project ( is a server dedicated to the preservation of Al’Kabor and also a place where you can find many of those old Al’Kabor familiar faces.

Come and take part in the fun on this friendly server with a great community!

Server rules/info:
-There is a 3 box limit per person. Unlike AK where you could box as many people as you could handle.
-PC/Mac’s are both welcome!
-Server is currently in Kunark, with 4 major guilds and a steadily growing population. Active forums/economy etc… complete with a server-wide voice chat “Mumble” server and in game GM assistance.
-The goal of the server is to recreate Al’Kabor aka EQMac as accurately as possible. It is a work in a progress but definitely has a lot to offer!
Register at and check the forums for installation instructions.

Stay tuned for more website updates on the forums, and we look forward to seeing you in Norrath!


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