An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Goodbye Al’Kabor, and Vintage on P1999

Since the EQ Mac server shut down in November 2013, some of our members moved on with their lives and other members have been banding together on different EQ emulators and servers trying to find a new home. The majority of the old members of Vintage who still play EQ have settled on P99 and have recreated the guild tag on the server. Although the original leadership of Vintage is not in this P99 guild, we are still supporting and encouraging anyone who is looking to play with the Vintage team to find Oiwon or BungLuSu (Africa) there.

A message from the Vintage on P99 team:

Come one come all to project 1999.
Vintage Guild is starting a new chapter!
Oiwon and Africa (BungLuSu on p99) have started Vintage guild.
The closest experience to everquest as it was released back in the day!
The server is VERY active with average player count at 800 weekdays 1000 on weekends
Boxing is not allowed, but one does not miss it when it is easy to find classes you need for groups
So far every zone that we’ve been to has players in it.
E.G. easy to find groups in befallen, unrest, etc
Great community
Balance on raids is fixed. Guilds rotate raiding zones to give everyone a chance.
EQmac may be dead, but the everquest experience is not.
Come join Oiwon and Myself.
We look forward to grinding with you
Contact Either BungLuSu or Oiwon for guild invites. We are on every day.
Africa (BungLuSu on p99)

As upsetting as it was to everyone, I think Al’kabor was ready to face the music after all the griefing, exploiting and cheating that was happening on the server. For Vintage, we had progressed further than what anyone thought we could. Our progress into ST and NToV with the number of members we had was an astonishing feat, and we couldn’t be more proud of the team of dedicated players we assembled. After hitting a progression wall due to low raid attendance week after week, our members were also at the point of celebrations and retiring at the time of the SOE announcement. We had a great run! Our guild progression and raid strategy pages on our website are our legacy.

To all the Vintage members that came and went between our creation on October 5, 2009 to November 18, 2013, thank you for an unforgettable journey through classic, Kunark, and Velious on Al’Kabor!

I don’t have the original source link, but basically you can google “EQ Mac Sunset” and get the same story.

After much review and consideration, we have made the decision to sunset EverQuest Mac (EQ Mac). EQ Mac was originally scheduled to sunset in early 2012, but we kept the game up and running following the passionate feedback received from the community. As we align development resources towards our upcoming slate of games, we cannot justify the resources required to continue to support EQ Mac. The remaining EverQuest titles (EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark) will not be affected by this closure. We appreciate all of your contributions over the years and hope to see you in other EQ games.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is scheduled to sunset EverQuest: Macintosh Edition on November 18, 2013. No new accounts will be allowed to play EverQuest: Macintosh Edition as of October 18, 2013.

In the meantime, join us on P99, good luck Oiwon and Africa, and we’ll see you in the next great MMO!

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