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North Temple of Veeshan Part I

Last week, Vintage dedicated it’s forces to knocking out Ikatiar, Eashen, and Aaryonar to open the way for first kills on Lord Feshlak, Dagarn the Destroyer, Lord Kreizann and Jorlleag! We also made attempts at the triplets and Lady Nevederia, which we will return for in the near future. We’re planning to begin farming these new trophies as well as working our way around and introducing ourselves to all of the Lords and Ladies. Vintage has arrived, and we’re knocking at the door Guardians of Veeshan!

First Kill! Lord Feshlak

First Kill! Lord Dagarn the Destroyer

First Kill! Lord Kreizann

First Kill! Jorlleag

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2 Responses to “North Temple of Veeshan Part I”

  1. Oiwon says:

    Go Team! Dragons Beware!!

  2. Shuvit says:

    Vintage for the win.
    Vintage following the bottom straight up !!!!

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