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Al’Kabor gets a Patch!

Al’kabor, the EQ Mac server that has been frozen in time (code-wise) for approximately seven years, received a treat today as GM Developer, Hobart, patches some known server bugs before the holidays.

Server will be rebooting 12/21/2012 @ 12:00 AM PST to address the following issues:

– The perma pacification bug has been fixed.
– The bug where NPC’s that are pacified multiple times would result in them having a huge assist radius has been fixed.
– Rogues once again can double backstab.
– Charm war exploit has been fixed.
– Fixed bug with Spell Casting Subtlety (Wizard) where Concussion and Boggle would be reduced in effectiveness.
– Voice of Thule (Shadowknight) should no longer reduce hate by 88%. It will now add 12% hate.
– Boastful Bellow (Bard) now has the appropriate range check and requires line of sight.
– Bard run speed cap issue as been fixed. This will actually be a general nerf as every bard was getting the max cap as if they had the Flee of Foot Level 3 AA.
– Fleet of Foot (Bard) now properly adjusts the runspeed cap at each level.
– Burning Affliction will modify each dot tick up to 20%.
– Bug with spell haste stacking where if you went over 100% haste, it would cause the spell to be instant cast. It will now properly cap at 50%.
– Bug where charmed NPC’s that have Frenzied Burnout cast on them would still contiue to rampage and flurry.
– Shroud of Chaos will now receive the benefits from the increase lifetap return AA(SK).


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