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Vintage Defeats Aaryonar on 12/12/12

On the epic night of 12/12/12, Vintage rallied to accomplish a new milestone… defeating the gatekeeper of North Temple of Veeshan! With 47 adventurers in attendance for the big score, including many new raiders and some older members making a cameo appearance, we charged the hallways, taking down Ikatiar the Venom and Eashen of the Sky along the way. Aaryonar was a memorable challenge as a lot of preparation and mid-fight adjustments paved the way to victory! Congrats to everyone present, and Vintage for another dragon’s head to display on our mantle. The rest of NToV, as well as Ventani the Warder and Sontalak’s days are numbered…

Although there haven’t been many website updates in the past few months, Vintage has been staying busy. Helping new members with leveling and quests, as well as continuing to farm Sleepers Tomb, Halls of Testing, Kael Drakkel, Completing Epics, and even a Nagafen slaying. With many new members in the 40’s and 50’s still leveling weekly, now is a perfect time to join us, get to know our members and start raiding NToV if you’re looking to join a Velious-era Progression Guild on Al’Kabor!

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  1. Oiwonmtfbwu says:

    $$$ – Great night!

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