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First Kills of the Summer

This past weekend, Vintage was feeling ambitious and was determined to try some knocking down some new targets on the progression checklist. We started the day off killing Garzicor’s Wraith to complete a Sanctum Guardian’s Earring. Afterwards, we headed to Skyshrine and said “Hello” to Lord Yelinak. Half of the guild were friends of the big guy, while the other half were drooling snacks for him. We faced off in a staring contest until we were finally ready to engage. And on our first attempt, we had a flawless kill and were rewarded with a showering of new loots! Unfortunately, Yelinak no longer considers half of Vintage his friends :(

Congrats on the firsts of many Lord Yelinak loots:

Yelinak’s Head – Shlomo
Yelinak’s Talisman – Summa
Dragons Tear Earring – Thorntom
Mask of Dragon Slayer – Blic
Dragons Blood Earring – Icecold

After tanking everybody’s CoV faction and losing our long friendship with the dragons of Velious, we decided it would be a good idea to kill Dain Frostreaver IV, even after his city has welcomed us in their home for the past year and a half, and make all our friends hate us. We put Mr. Dain on his back on our first attempt as well.

We didn’t get a screenshot with his actual corpse, so we posed in front of the waterfall pit until we replace it with a better picture next time ;)

Lastly, there was a random shot of us defending the city of Thurgadin in a Ring War attempt. Although we have Dain’s head in a bag, we will be fighting along side the dwarves again in the near future!

Vintage has also been busy the past two months in Temple of Veeshan, farming Skyshrine armor for new members and starting on our progression into North ToV wing. We laid waste to Ikatiar the Venom and Eashen of the Sky twice, unlocking our progression to Aaryonar, the Lords and Ladies he’s protecting and the riches of NToV!

Here are a few more Vintage’s Summer screenshots:

Wurm Slaying

Quickin 11 boxing in Halls of Testing…

Recent Ikatiar the Venom kill

First Kill on Eashen of the Sky

What’s in store for Vintage? We’ve got a few monsters left on our checklist of targets to kill including Ventani the Warder, a few Ring Wars, Sontalak, Aaryonar, all of NToV, Plane of Growth, Tunare, the revamped zone of Cazic Thule, and getting cozy in our soon to be future home of Kael Drakkel. Keep checking back as we ramp up our raid force for a wild Fall season of classic Velious progression raiding!

You can view our full progression list on our website here: and if you’re interested in applying to the guild and joining us as we transition to Giant faction, drop us a line in our Recruitment Forums.

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