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King Tormax Meets Vintage

We finally had the opportunity to attempt King Tormax this past week, which we knocked off our bucket list with flawless execution. The corpse collapsed into the wall, so instead, we’ll provide this action shot taken during the fight. Congrats to the following on the first fruits of Tormax loot!

Crown of the Kromzek Kings – Shlomo
King Tormax’s Head (White Dragonscale Boots) – Wejbot
Ring of Lightning – Kapowie
Velium Encrusted Gauntlets – Summa
Shard of Hsagra’s Talisman – Tuba

Vintage continues to knock down prime targets during the month of June, including farming our new friends in Sleepers Tomb. Victims included Zlandicar, Hraashna the Warder, Tukaarak the Warder, Nanzata the Warder, Dracoliche, Cazic Thule, Derakor the Vindicator, Statue of Rallos Zek and King Tormax. We’ve also finished several more Doze quests, cleric epics, and Coldain Prayer Shawls.

We’re planning on continuing to focus on completing Dozekar Quests, Sleeper’s Tomb, and helping more of our members reach level 60 before closing this chapter of Velious and starting the next chapter of our Velious Progression Plan in North Temple of Veeshan!

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  1. Number says:

    Kapowie got the ring!

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