An EQ Mac Progression Guild on Al'Kabor

Vintage Reincarnated on TAKP

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Yes, the rumors are true! Vintage has started a new chapter on a new server.

The Al’Kabor Project ( is a server dedicated to the preservation of Al’Kabor and also a place where you can find many of those old Al’Kabor familiar faces.

Come and take part in the fun on this friendly server with a great community!

Server rules/info:
-There is a 3 box limit per person. Unlike AK where you could box as many people as you could handle.
-PC/Mac’s are both welcome!
-Server is currently in Kunark, with 4 major guilds and a steadily growing population. Active forums/economy etc… complete with a server-wide voice chat “Mumble” server and in game GM assistance.
-The goal of the server is to recreate Al’Kabor aka EQMac as accurately as possible. It is a work in a progress but definitely has a lot to offer!
Register at and check the forums for installation instructions.

Stay tuned for more website updates on the forums, and we look forward to seeing you in Norrath!


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Goodbye Al’Kabor, and Vintage on P1999

Since the EQ Mac server shut down in November 2013, some of our members moved on with their lives and other members have been banding together on different EQ emulators and servers trying to find a new home. The majority of the old members of Vintage who still play EQ have settled on P99 and have recreated the guild tag on the server. Although the original leadership of Vintage is not in this P99 guild, we are still supporting and encouraging anyone who is looking to play with the Vintage team to find Oiwon or BungLuSu (Africa) there.

A message from the Vintage on P99 team:

Come one come all to project 1999.
Vintage Guild is starting a new chapter!
Oiwon and Africa (BungLuSu on p99) have started Vintage guild.
The closest experience to everquest as it was released back in the day!
The server is VERY active with average player count at 800 weekdays 1000 on weekends
Boxing is not allowed, but one does not miss it when it is easy to find classes you need for groups
So far every zone that we’ve been to has players in it.
E.G. easy to find groups in befallen, unrest, etc
Great community
Balance on raids is fixed. Guilds rotate raiding zones to give everyone a chance.
EQmac may be dead, but the everquest experience is not.
Come join Oiwon and Myself.
We look forward to grinding with you
Contact Either BungLuSu or Oiwon for guild invites. We are on every day.
Africa (BungLuSu on p99)

As upsetting as it was to everyone, I think Al’kabor was ready to face the music after all the griefing, exploiting and cheating that was happening on the server. For Vintage, we had progressed further than what anyone thought we could. Our progress into ST and NToV with the number of members we had was an astonishing feat, and we couldn’t be more proud of the team of dedicated players we assembled. After hitting a progression wall due to low raid attendance week after week, our members were also at the point of celebrations and retiring at the time of the SOE announcement. We had a great run! Our guild progression and raid strategy pages on our website are our legacy.

To all the Vintage members that came and went between our creation on October 5, 2009 to November 18, 2013, thank you for an unforgettable journey through classic, Kunark, and Velious on Al’Kabor!

I don’t have the original source link, but basically you can google “EQ Mac Sunset” and get the same story.

After much review and consideration, we have made the decision to sunset EverQuest Mac (EQ Mac). EQ Mac was originally scheduled to sunset in early 2012, but we kept the game up and running following the passionate feedback received from the community. As we align development resources towards our upcoming slate of games, we cannot justify the resources required to continue to support EQ Mac. The remaining EverQuest titles (EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark) will not be affected by this closure. We appreciate all of your contributions over the years and hope to see you in other EQ games.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is scheduled to sunset EverQuest: Macintosh Edition on November 18, 2013. No new accounts will be allowed to play EverQuest: Macintosh Edition as of October 18, 2013.

In the meantime, join us on P99, good luck Oiwon and Africa, and we’ll see you in the next great MMO!

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Vintage Vintage

Did you miss Vintage the first time around? Well, here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of round two.

We are in the process of creating a retro section of the guild that follows our original ruleset. Did you miss the classic Nagafen, Vox, Fear, or Hate raids? Well, here’s your chance to see them… played the right way.

Rules include:
– max level 50
– only allow spells from classic
– only allow gear from classic
– only allow zones from classic (no PoK travel)
– disallow use of disciplines
– beastlords and iksar are allowed
– cat people are discouraged
– the Hole is restricted until further notice
– must beat all raid content before opening Kunark

If you’re interested, please join the discussion on the forums. Someone can meet you in-game to invite your new classic characters.

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Gone Fishin’

Vintage has two new first kills this weekend, as we made sushi of Lord Koi’Doken and took the beautiful Lady Mirenilla out for dessert afterwards.

We’ll continue to farm the Lords of Ladies of north wing of Temple of Veeshan over the summer as we continue to gear up for bigger fish on our progression checklist. If you’re interested in joining us for nostalgic Velious raiding, apply to join on our forums and meet the dedicated members of Vintage who are preserving and reliving the old school Velious experience in 2013!

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Vintage Wins at Game of Thrones

After wiping the dragons blood off our swords and staves Saturday, Vintage decided that Thurgadin was feeling too comfortable during our stay in Velious. We paid a quick visit to Dain Frostreaver IV who attempted to bribe us with his chamber girls and frozen meat and ales. Of course we have our own cooks and brewers amongst our ranks, so…

Down with the King!!

Off with his Head!!

Vintage smoothly battle Dain to 2% when things all of a sudden looked like they were going in the dwarf king’s favor… however the persistence of our gnomes wore him out. Congrats Vintage on our second Dain kill, and becoming kings and queens of Thurgadin.

Video created by our member, Africa.

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North Temple of Veeshan Part I

Last week, Vintage dedicated it’s forces to knocking out Ikatiar, Eashen, and Aaryonar to open the way for first kills on Lord Feshlak, Dagarn the Destroyer, Lord Kreizann and Jorlleag! We also made attempts at the triplets and Lady Nevederia, which we will return for in the near future. We’re planning to begin farming these new trophies as well as working our way around and introducing ourselves to all of the Lords and Ladies. Vintage has arrived, and we’re knocking at the door Guardians of Veeshan!

First Kill! Lord Feshlak

First Kill! Lord Dagarn the Destroyer

First Kill! Lord Kreizann

First Kill! Jorlleag

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Al’Kabor gets a Patch!

Al’kabor, the EQ Mac server that has been frozen in time (code-wise) for approximately seven years, received a treat today as GM Developer, Hobart, patches some known server bugs before the holidays.

Server will be rebooting 12/21/2012 @ 12:00 AM PST to address the following issues:

– The perma pacification bug has been fixed.
– The bug where NPC’s that are pacified multiple times would result in them having a huge assist radius has been fixed.
– Rogues once again can double backstab.
– Charm war exploit has been fixed.
– Fixed bug with Spell Casting Subtlety (Wizard) where Concussion and Boggle would be reduced in effectiveness.
– Voice of Thule (Shadowknight) should no longer reduce hate by 88%. It will now add 12% hate.
– Boastful Bellow (Bard) now has the appropriate range check and requires line of sight.
– Bard run speed cap issue as been fixed. This will actually be a general nerf as every bard was getting the max cap as if they had the Flee of Foot Level 3 AA.
– Fleet of Foot (Bard) now properly adjusts the runspeed cap at each level.
– Burning Affliction will modify each dot tick up to 20%.
– Bug with spell haste stacking where if you went over 100% haste, it would cause the spell to be instant cast. It will now properly cap at 50%.
– Bug where charmed NPC’s that have Frenzied Burnout cast on them would still contiue to rampage and flurry.
– Shroud of Chaos will now receive the benefits from the increase lifetap return AA(SK).


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Vintage Defeats Aaryonar on 12/12/12

On the epic night of 12/12/12, Vintage rallied to accomplish a new milestone… defeating the gatekeeper of North Temple of Veeshan! With 47 adventurers in attendance for the big score, including many new raiders and some older members making a cameo appearance, we charged the hallways, taking down Ikatiar the Venom and Eashen of the Sky along the way. Aaryonar was a memorable challenge as a lot of preparation and mid-fight adjustments paved the way to victory! Congrats to everyone present, and Vintage for another dragon’s head to display on our mantle. The rest of NToV, as well as Ventani the Warder and Sontalak’s days are numbered…

Although there haven’t been many website updates in the past few months, Vintage has been staying busy. Helping new members with leveling and quests, as well as continuing to farm Sleepers Tomb, Halls of Testing, Kael Drakkel, Completing Epics, and even a Nagafen slaying. With many new members in the 40’s and 50’s still leveling weekly, now is a perfect time to join us, get to know our members and start raiding NToV if you’re looking to join a Velious-era Progression Guild on Al’Kabor!

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First Kills of the Summer

This past weekend, Vintage was feeling ambitious and was determined to try some knocking down some new targets on the progression checklist. We started the day off killing Garzicor’s Wraith to complete a Sanctum Guardian’s Earring. Afterwards, we headed to Skyshrine and said “Hello” to Lord Yelinak. Half of the guild were friends of the big guy, while the other half were drooling snacks for him. We faced off in a staring contest until we were finally ready to engage. And on our first attempt, we had a flawless kill and were rewarded with a showering of new loots! Unfortunately, Yelinak no longer considers half of Vintage his friends :(

Congrats on the firsts of many Lord Yelinak loots:

Yelinak’s Head – Shlomo
Yelinak’s Talisman – Summa
Dragons Tear Earring – Thorntom
Mask of Dragon Slayer – Blic
Dragons Blood Earring – Icecold

After tanking everybody’s CoV faction and losing our long friendship with the dragons of Velious, we decided it would be a good idea to kill Dain Frostreaver IV, even after his city has welcomed us in their home for the past year and a half, and make all our friends hate us. We put Mr. Dain on his back on our first attempt as well.

We didn’t get a screenshot with his actual corpse, so we posed in front of the waterfall pit until we replace it with a better picture next time ;)

Lastly, there was a random shot of us defending the city of Thurgadin in a Ring War attempt. Although we have Dain’s head in a bag, we will be fighting along side the dwarves again in the near future!

Vintage has also been busy the past two months in Temple of Veeshan, farming Skyshrine armor for new members and starting on our progression into North ToV wing. We laid waste to Ikatiar the Venom and Eashen of the Sky twice, unlocking our progression to Aaryonar, the Lords and Ladies he’s protecting and the riches of NToV!

Here are a few more Vintage’s Summer screenshots:

Wurm Slaying

Quickin 11 boxing in Halls of Testing…

Recent Ikatiar the Venom kill

First Kill on Eashen of the Sky

What’s in store for Vintage? We’ve got a few monsters left on our checklist of targets to kill including Ventani the Warder, a few Ring Wars, Sontalak, Aaryonar, all of NToV, Plane of Growth, Tunare, the revamped zone of Cazic Thule, and getting cozy in our soon to be future home of Kael Drakkel. Keep checking back as we ramp up our raid force for a wild Fall season of classic Velious progression raiding!

You can view our full progression list on our website here: and if you’re interested in applying to the guild and joining us as we transition to Giant faction, drop us a line in our Recruitment Forums.

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King Tormax Meets Vintage

We finally had the opportunity to attempt King Tormax this past week, which we knocked off our bucket list with flawless execution. The corpse collapsed into the wall, so instead, we’ll provide this action shot taken during the fight. Congrats to the following on the first fruits of Tormax loot!

Crown of the Kromzek Kings – Shlomo
King Tormax’s Head (White Dragonscale Boots) – Wejbot
Ring of Lightning – Kapowie
Velium Encrusted Gauntlets – Summa
Shard of Hsagra’s Talisman – Tuba

Vintage continues to knock down prime targets during the month of June, including farming our new friends in Sleepers Tomb. Victims included Zlandicar, Hraashna the Warder, Tukaarak the Warder, Nanzata the Warder, Dracoliche, Cazic Thule, Derakor the Vindicator, Statue of Rallos Zek and King Tormax. We’ve also finished several more Doze quests, cleric epics, and Coldain Prayer Shawls.

We’re planning on continuing to focus on completing Dozekar Quests, Sleeper’s Tomb, and helping more of our members reach level 60 before closing this chapter of Velious and starting the next chapter of our Velious Progression Plan in North Temple of Veeshan!

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